Whatsapp offers Phone Call Service using VoIP Technology

Whatsapp, the most trending, and widespread Messenger offer an advantageous feature of making Online Phone Calls. The iOS version of Whatsapp is offering this extraordinary feature using VoIP technology for all its users. Whatsapp has introduced this feature of adding Voice over Internet Protocol [VoIP] so that the users can stay connected and utilize this service in the best way.

Whatsapp aims to offer this attractive feature of “Voice over Internet call service” in order to benefit the people of different countries across the world. . It would be a great privilege for the people who got fatigued with high voice call rates and this latest offer has generated some hope among everyone. Actually, there is no service that charge for every minute during Video Phone Calls. The users are anticipating that this upcoming Whatsapp service will be very much propitious for those who require less charge over Online Video Calls.

Generally, Voice over Internet Protocol works using smartphone data connection. As per the evaluation of German telecommunications web site Teltarif.de, VoIP utilizes very little that is less than 1 MB per minute.

But, Whatsapp may allow monthly data volumes in a lesser amount, so that the charge might rapidly enhance that could lead to additional costs for utilizing more volume. This change may attain once the data volume limits are transcended.

The calls made using this VoIP are not similar to regular phone calls, as they are composed of data packets that are transferred among the users are the Router service providers through online. Unlike regular phone calls, VoIP calls are made up of data packets transferred over the internet and through the provider’s routers.