Grocery Store Tours


Even the “healthy” foods?

If you’re serious about your fitness and health goals…you’ve got to get serious about not only the food you eat, but the food you buy!

Join Body Project on a tour of your grocery store and we’ll make sure you have every bit of information you need to make the best food choices for you and your family!

Checkout what a few of our clients are saying about my  healthy grocery store tours:

“I have a brand new outlook when I go to the grocery store. It actually has a purpose, where before I would use Peapod online ordering because I completely HATED grocery shopping.”

“My perspective completely changed after Body Project’s grocery store tour (which I highly recommend for any of you who haven’t been on one!)”

“This was great! I wanted to go a second time! I learned a lot.”


–  Which “healthy” breads you are probably buying that are actually really bad for you.
–  How to see through the marketing schemes of some of the biggest food-marketing culprits: yogurt, cereals, “health” bars, pastas…and more (you’ll be surprised with this one)
–  How to strategically do your shopping in less time and save money on healthy foods
–  The tastiest healthy substitutes for some of the most common “unhealthy” food choices (but the one’s you don’t want to eliminate from your diet)
–  How to still buy the food you love, cook it with ease, and ensure that your family is eating the best foods out there
–  The best ways to get rid of cooking multiple meals for your family
–  Learn the critical difference between “sugar-free,” “no-sugar added,” and all the other tricks on packaging that mislead you


Thursday, February 23rd, 7-8:30pm – Whole Foods Princeton, Route 1

Registration fee (FlexFit members/non-BP members): $20/person

Premium Monthly Members: 20% OFF!
(discount will automatically be applied when you register on MindBody)

Group tours are limited to 8 participants to offer the best experience.

**All are welcome, you do not need to be a current BP member to take advantage of this valuable experience!**

Private 1:1 Tours also available: $99
Contact us to register

For more details or questions contact us: | 609-336-0108

Looking forward to shopping with you!! 🙂

Have a group of colleagues, friends or family, girl scouts or other organization interested in participating in a private tour, contact us!

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