Top Travel Tips for the Busy Woman

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Here are my top 5 travel tips:

1. Pack a versatile wardrobe so you don’t overpack. Take pieces that you can interchange. Don’t pack a different outfit for each day. Look for neutral pieces you can layer and dress-up for more formal occasions and dress-down for less formal. My two favorites:

  • Pencil skirt (my personal favorite and go-to fashion piece): easy to pack, easy to iron, you can dress it up or wear it casual…and it’s flattering on all body types. You can do tights underneath during the winter and they’re perfectly versatile for the summer.
  • Pashmina: the ultimate form and function accessory. Use it to keep warm on the plane instead of bulky sweaters, use it as a scarf or wrap to accent your outfit day or night.

2. Use contact lens cases for your moisturizers, cleansers, pills, lotions, etc. This saves a ton of space so you don’t have to pack your whole vanity.

3. Think ahead to security checks while still remaining comfortable. Don’t wear shoes that take a lot of time to take on and off (I wear flats or any type of slip-on shoe), don’t wear too many layers (use the Pashmina!), limit jewelry, and don’t be “that person” on the flight that is trying to sneak on an oversized roller-bag, a purse, and a satchel. Poor flying form!

4. Pack breakfast options (if you’re staying in a hotel) and travel with snacks to keep with you. Several airlines are now charging for food, so save some extra cash and pack-along baggies of nuts, bars, cut fruit, etc.

5. If you’re a frequent flyer like I am, I use an airline-specific credit card so I get miles for my purchases (we primarily fly Continental so we use the Continental Mastercard). Now many of the cards are offering incentives like your first bag checked-free (a value of upwards of $25+ per passenger), bonus miles, double miles for certain purchases, etc. You rack up the miles fairly quickly…we’ve flown to Hawaii, San Francisco, and several other trips just from accumulating our miles.

Happy Travels!

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