The Tale of the Last 10 Pounds

Stuck trying to lose those last 10 pounds? Read this…

Once upon a time, there was a girl. When she was 18, she loved her little waist, toned legs, and svelte arms (so did all the boys). At 21, she started working a real job, had to pay real bills, but still got away with a few days of exercise and if she gained a little extra around the waist from the late-night eating and drinking, she knew she could easily lose it the next week with a little tread milling and a little bit of food. Little did she know it would not be so easy for very much longer.

A few years later, she met the man of her dreams. They wined, dined, and snuggled in front of movies a few nights a week. They got married and the first little one came along. Taking care of her new family was her new priority and she promised herself that after the baby got a little older, “I will get back into my workout routine and lose the baby weight.”

Two years later, that “baby weight” turned into “baby weight” plus “taking care of family weight” plus “just one more cookie weight” plus “I’ll workout tomorrow weight.” Twenty-five extra pounds later, she looked in the mirror and knew she HAD to do something. She got a spurt of motivation and joined the new gym in town. She paid $400 for some sort of “initiation fee” (what it “initiated” she does not know), and $35 each month. “Great investment,” she thought! “I can take classes, do the elliptical, they even have day care!” Those first six-weeks she worked out every day. She signed up for Weight Watchers and attended the weekly meetings and weigh-ins. In 6 weeks, she had already lost 10 pounds! She was excited and motivated to keep going, “I am going to stick to this plan, it’s working!”

After 6 weeks, the baby had an ear infection, so she wasn’t able to make it to the gym for a few days. Leftover cake from the baby’s birthday party taunted her in the refrigerator and she finished it just one little bite at a time. She started to feel “fat” again. “One more day and I’ll get back into the routine,” she committed to herself.

She did get back into the routine…but not 100%. She only took enough time for 30 minutes on the elliptical and did not continue her resistance training. She was tired of counting points, so she tried South Beach and a few other diets. She lost a little more weight over the next month, so she kept on with her 30 minutes of elliptical training 5 days each week since that seemed to work.

3 months later, she was still at the same place. She could not seem to get that last 10 pounds to budge! “I’ve tried everything, I’m so frustrated!” But she kept on with her 30-minute elliptical, and low-ca.rb eating plan. One year later, those 10 pounds continued to haunt her. She had lost her confidence and did not feel good in her own skin. She is close to giving up for good and has become another victim to the dangers and frustrations of yo-yo dieting.


To break through that plateau – you must CHANGE your routine!

Here are a few quick ways to switch up your routine – and to keep from getting BORED! You want to see results to keep you motivated and these tricks will help.

• If you are only doing long, boring cardio…STOP! You must add in resistance exercise with free weights or machines. Start with 20 minutes, 3 days each week in addition to your cardio workouts.

Change up the intensity of your cardio routine – check out a few workouts by clicking here.

• RUN, RUN, RUN…running is one of the most effective fat-loss strategies in combination with weight training. You WILL see results! But it must be intense intervals!

• Do not be afraid of using weight! This will create strength, endurance, and shape your body composition. More muscle = more FAT BURN potential!

• Nutrition and meal planning is CRITICAL! Eat whole, clean foods every 2-3 hours. This will increase your metabolism, burn fat, and give you more energy.

• Set goals and stay focused – your hard work will be rewarded!

• You may find a personalized workout plan is the best way to go if you’re not quite sure what works best for you – we will work with you one-on-one, with a partner, or even email your workouts! Boot Camp is also an effective way to change up your “same ‘ole” workouts and kick through a plateau!

Until next time…your partner in fitness, health, and success,


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