The BP Method

Most women come to Body Project because they frustrated. They’ve been let down by diet after diet or by workout programs that they couldn’t stick to. They come to Body Project because they know they need to get back on track…or…because they simply don’t know where to start.

* You can go to any gym or use DVDs in your basement and get a great workout. And maybe even lose a few pounds.
But that’s not enough for lasting change.

* You can follow the newest diet trend, do a shake or detox program. And maybe even lose a few pounds.
But that’s not enough for lasting change.

* You can read magazines and Facebook quotes about what exercises are great for your butt or abs.
But that’s not enough for lasting change.

The good news is that there is a way to living a meaningful, healthy, purposeful life…that can actually be simple to maintain.

But the truth is that it will take work, guidance, expertise and accountability to get there.

Based on science and on our experience working exclusively with busy women, we’ve developed a method for ANY woman ready to commit to real lifestyle change.

The Body Project Method includes the balance of 5 lifestyle factors:


If you’re missing any of these 5 lifestyle factors…even if you’re eating “perfectly” and working out like a maniac…you’ll probably end up back where you started…and back to hitting rock bottom.

The key to success is finding the balance of all 5 of these factors in your life. If you’re lacking in one area, you risk seeing little to no results or worse, seeing results but then falling off-track yet again.

The 5 Lifestyle Factors of the Body Project Method are integrated into every program we customize for our members – based on personal challenges and goals.

What we do best at Body Project is give you the structure, accountability and expertise you need to achieve your goals all while doing it alongside an incredible, supportive community of women.

Simply put: Women come to Body Project for lifestyle CHANGE.

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