The 8-Week Body Project



It’s been over 10 years in the making…our most complete, comprehensive lifestyle program to date.

You’d be hard-pressed to find something comparable anywhere else.

You see, it all started when I left my corporate management job in New York City – overworked, overstressed, overtired but undernourished, unmotivated and completely frustrated with the fact that my mind and body had slid into this viscous downward spiral.

When I decided to make a drastic career change in 2007, I founded Body Project as an at-home personal trainer and I quickly found myself working with a full schedule of clientele: all success-driven, hardworking women…most of them working professionals, moms, wives, chauffeurs…the do-it-all-kind-of-women.

There was one thing in common: they reached out to me for help because they all had hit that rock bottom point of frustration…they were sick of failing at the one thing they felt they should be able to do on their own: change the way they eat and the way they look and feel in their own body and mind.

And I still hear the same frustrations from women:


  • “I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired.”
  • “I’m so frustrated that I just can’t stick with anything more than a few weeks.”
  • “I just can’t figure out what will work for me…I’ve tried everything and I’m exhausted from trying.”
  • “I just want someone to tell me what to do and have it finally work.”
  • “I just don’t have time for it all, I feel like I can’t keep up with everything I have to do.”
  • “The diets and programs that used to work for me, just aren’t cutting it.”

Here’s what a lot of women try over and over again…hoping that it will “work this time” but ultimately end up with the same frustrating outcome: short-term results that rebound shortly after leaving them even further behind than where they started.

– Expensive shakes or detox programs

(mostly made up of chemicals and processed “nutrition” – I like to chew at least most of my meals, thank you – and, sorry, there is no shake that delicious that it’s worth $150/month)

– DVD workout “programs” they buy from a friend who has a new “side business” to make some extra money

(effective fitness and fat loss is a SCIENCE; this is why qualified fitness professionals invest a great deal of time and money becoming educated on how to design effective fitness programs that get desired results, specific to different body types, in a safe way…without injury)

– Long, boring cardio at the gym mixed in with workout classes they randomly select

(working out this way can actually be causing you to GAIN body fat…)


– Count points, wear wristbands that sync with smartphones, or enter “Biggest Loser” competitions

While each of these can play a great role in motivation and short-term success, these methods inherently leave out the key factors that are proven to create meaningful results.

So the question is…WHAT IS THE ANSWER?

The good news is that there is a way to living a meaningful, healthy, purposeful life…that can actually be simple to maintain.

But the truth is that it will take take work, guidance, expertise and accountability to get there.
Based on science and on our experience working exclusively with busy women, we’ve developed a success method for ANY woman ready to commit to change.

The 8-Week Body Project:
A Complete Lifestyle Program

The method we found that works for any woman ready for lasting change include 5 factors in life that women must balance in a way that is right for them.

You can go to any gym or use DVDs in your basement and get a great workout. And maybe even lose a few pounds.
But that’s not enough for lasting change.

You can follow the newest diet trend, do a shake or detox program. And maybe even lose a few pounds.
But that’s not enough for lasting change.

You can read magazines and Facebook quotes about what exercises are great for your butt or abs.
But that’s not enough for lasting change.


I’ve taken the components of our signature personal training and group fitness programs over the last 10 years; listened to feedback from our valuable members and combined it with my personal lifestyle coaching experience.

I’ve also collaborated with my incredible BP team and have partnered with a highly-qualified dietitian, an incredibly intuitive massage therapist, holistic physicians and other key health professionals to be able to give you the most effective program that women can’t find anywhere else.

Here is what your 8-Week Body Project Program will look like:

The program is divided into 8 weekly phases to maximize the 5 factors of The Body Project Method: EDUCATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, MINDSET, FITNESS and NUTRITION.

*Remember, all of these factors must be addressed in your life…if you’re lacking in one area, you’re running the risk of seeing little to no results or worse, seeing results but then falling off-track yet again.


1. A truly complete lifestyle program like no other program available.

Most programs are focused on just one aspect of changing your lifestyle: a specific diet program, a particular type of exercise, or a life coach that only focuses on your lifestyle and mindset. The 8-Week Body Project offers a comprehensive lifestyle program designed exclusively for women, by women.

2. An 8-week fitness program tailored specifically to your current fitness level, your goals and your schedule.

And you don’t have to worry about figuring out what will be the best workouts for you…we work with you individually to create your custom program in our small group fitness format to match your goals and current fitness level (and there is something for every woman…you don’t have to be “in shape” first).

3. BodyMetrix Ultrasound Body Composition & Measurement Analysis

We offer one of the most cutting-edge technologies in health and fitness: The BodyMetrix ultrasound technology that gives accurate body composition reports, offering a scientific analysis of fat loss and your current health risk factors. It’s a simple assessment but an extremely valuable look into your overall health and trends…you’ll receive your 6-page personal health report to keep for your records. ($120+ value). Your assessments will be done at the beginning of your program and 12 weeks following (this ensures most accurate analysis of progress).


4. Accountability & support…like you’ve never experienced.

This is truly the X-FACTOR of this 8-Week program!

Eight (8) Weekly Educational Meetings

This is a live meeting…all women participating in The 8-Week Body Project will be highly encouraged to attend these weekly seminars where we educate on 8 key non-negotiable habits and discuss strategies to integrate successfully in your life (see the weekly focus for each meeting in the program schedule above).


5. Education to empower you to see real change.

What we hear Body Project members say over and over is that the best part of BP is that we give them the “how to” of living a healthy life…at a gym, you simply just get the workout. This is where our passion is…teaching and empowering you HOW to get results and keep results.

6. Ongoing support after you complete your 8-Week Body Project

The purpose of your 8-Week Body Project was to create the foundation for creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle…in all aspects: how you nourish your body with food, keeping accountable to a progressive fitness routine, finding planning and prep strategies to reduce added stress and leaving things to “chance,” or even just keeping your mindset sharp and strong…


Deanne’s Body Project Story: From insecure & frustrated to the best version of herself! (and even inspired her boyfriend’s transformation!)

“Before I started my journey at Body Project I had become very insecure and frustrated with my appearance, health and weight. It started in 2010 when I was at my heaviest weight and found it difficult to perform simple activities such as going for a walk. I decided it was time to make a change. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which, along with my poor diet, had contributed to my weight gain and fatigue. My doctor prescribed medicine for me but warned the weight would not come off quickly. She was right! I tried several different diet plans, joined a gym and thought I was doing the right thing. Not that it was wrong, it just was not working for me. I lost some weight and was exercising but was not enjoying it or seeing the results I had hoped for.

In the Spring of 2013 I discovered Body Project. I couldn’t imagine my life now without Lindsay and the BP team. I even miss them when I go on vacation!!! So thank you to Lindsay and all of the amazing women at Body Project who continue to motivate, support and inspire me everyday!!!”



Beth’s Body Project Story: A complete life change!

“Lindsay and Body Project has forever changed my life! I experienced a complete mind, body and soul transformation! I have changed on so many levels and I cherish the mental and internal changes that have occurred. I now have a positive mindset and my confidence and self-esteem has soared! This allowed me to make vital changes in every area of my life. My physical results still AMAZE me!

In less than 8 months I lost 30lbs, dropped 5 pant sizes from a 14 to a 4. I am smaller now than I was as a 3-sport athlete in high school! My BF dropped 11% points from 33% to 22% along with losing a whole bunch of inches.”



You might be asking…

Will this be easy?
Honestly…these 8 weeks might be really difficult at times. But that’s why we are offering a complete safety net of support for you. WE WILL SET YOU UP TO SUCCEED! But is doing the same thing over and over again like you’ve tried in the past working for you? Ask yourself what is harder? Making a few significant changes now for long-term happiness, or short-term results only to be let down again and again?

Why are you limiting the number of women in the program?
We’ve found that the best way to set each woman up for success comes when we can focus on each individual woman, tailor the program to her needs while still offering the amazing dynamic of a supportive community of women.

What if I’m not sure this is right for me?
What we do best is work with you to come up with a win-win solution. If this 8-Week Program isn’t the best fit for you, we have other programs that might be. But YOU must take the first action and ask us!

So…ask yourself…

“Where will I be in 8 weeks?”
– Will I be slimmer, fitter, more energetic and more confident?
– Will I be a better woman, wife and mother – the best version of myself?
– Will I be proud that I finally invested in doing something for myself with something that really matters?
– Will I be looking for another quick way to short-term weight loss, never happy with the way I look or feel?
– Will I still be frustrated with the reality that I can’t seem to juggle life and balance the scale?
– Will I wish that I invested more in achieving the best version of myself rather than on things that really don’t matter in the long run?

It’s up to you, my friend!

We’re here to support your success…
all you need is to take the very first step…
…one small action…
…you deserve it…

Nancy’s Body Project Story: Losing 20 pounds isn’t even the best part!

“I tried everything from Weight Watchers, to shakes, to fasting and cleansing…only to find short-term results. Of course I thought my issue was simply, “I ate too much “fat,” never even considering it might have to do with true nutrition or exercise.”

I was at a neighborhood dinner party when someone told me “I was a perfect candidate for Body Project.” I listened, as I did to every other well-intended friend, only to return to my salty snacks and working 60 hours a week. I truly owe thanks to this persistent friend who then put an invitation in my mail box to try Body Project. My gosh, I thought if she cares enough to continue to invite me, I need to be a good friend and give it a shot. Well, that shot changed my life.

The individualized attention, assistance and encouragement when I thought I couldn’t do it, and pure fun environment was what I needed to change my life. Now, three years later, I am fitter than I was in high school, happier and more confident which has spread to my work, my family, my interests….my life!
I finally understand the holistic view on a healthier me, it’s not about how I look (although that helps!!), it’s about how I feel, how I eat, the choices I make in my life, how I influence others toward a healthy life. I couldn’t be happier.

Now, having run multiple 5Ks, completed a triathlon this past summer and starting to train for a 10K, my life has new meaning.

Of course the 20 pounds, loss of over 7 inches and significant drop in my body fat didn’t hurt. And I’m not sure….it’s close…but maybe the best part is having met the best ladies of my life. They are all strong, encouraging, amazing woman who have changed my life inside and out. I can truly say friends like no other.

Thank you, Body Project. You have a lifer with me…..”
– Nancy



I hope you’ll let Body Project be part of your success story!
Committed to your success,
Lindsay & your Body Project Team