Sue: She Believed She Could…So She Did…

NOTE: this was originally posted July 1st, 2015…2 months prior to the Sue’s tragic death. Let this obit_photo.phpsmall glimpse in to her life serve to keep her light shining in each of us…and a reminder to live presently and purposefully in each precious moment…

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(WARNING: this is a bit of a read…but I hope you take a few moments to hear Sue’s story…I think you’ll come away even a tad bit more motivated and encouraged to take on your goals!)

I met Sue a little over two years ago when I was asked to speak at a Women’s Executive Group event at a national financial firm based here in New Jersey.

My presentation was primarily about strategies for health, fitness and lifestyle for the woman who has no time (i.e. all of us, right?!).

She emailed me after the event because she knew she needed a change.

You see, Sue lives the life many of us can identify with. She has a demanding job, often requiring late nights, travel, stress and more stress.

She has two sons…one entering college next year and other family and personal obligations.

Sue started coming to our 5am workouts. She did our HardBody sessions (interval training with strength and cardio). She started doing TRX Suspension Training, a periodic yoga session and she started running. She was more confident and certainly feeling stronger.

But as always…life “happened.” Those uncontrollable situations that pulled her even further away from doing what was good for her…for her body, her sanity and her spirit. Work, family and everything took priority over taking care of herself.

Though we kept in touch, we didn’t see Sue for a several months.

Then on March 3rd…something in Sue changed and she reached out to me.

We setup a phone conversation and she kept saying…

“I’m just ready…I know I’m ready for change…”

“It won’t be easy…and I’ll have to do some things that are uncomfortable…but I have to change…”

I suggested she participate in our upcoming 8-Week Body Project program…I knew what Sue needed was more than just some exercise classes and a meal plan.

Sue needed real, meaningful change in her life. Most important is that it needed to be sustainable and bring her closer to the best version of herself.

We scheduled her pre-8-Week 1-on-1 coaching session (this is where we sit down and really dive in to creating a personalized plan of action for the 8 weeks) … we discussed a significant shift in her workout routine (her program was to focus on Barre, yoga, core work and TRX; NO MORE high-intensity workouts due to the amount of stress she has outside of her workouts…I designed her fitness program this way in order to create a shift in stress- and age-related hormones). We also discussed a few food and nutrition tweaks for her to start before her nutrition counseling session with our team dietician.

Honestly, she was a bit nervous about the changes I suggested…they were counter to everything she had been told about “how to lose weight.”

But she also realized that doing the same thing over and over again just wasn’t working for her.

About midway through the 8-Week program, Sue sent me this email with a picture of her scale…

“I’m overjoyed, amazed, grateful and proud! When you told me to change my workout I’ll admit I was skeptical – while I trust you completely I couldn’t help but think “what if my body is sooo different and she is so wrong.” I was worried that I would spend (ok if I’m being really honest – waste) time during this program not “working hard enough” on the physical component. I already told you you were right! What I didn’t do was set a weight goal – you’ve taught me that’s not what it’s all about! I’ve changed everything I do because of this program – it has been a complete lifestyle change! And here is PART of the outcome!”

My favorite part  about this? Sue was losing weight…fabulous! BUT the real change that was occurring was that the weight was coming off as a direct result of her taking care of her body and her mind by incorporating sustainable changes in her life that fit HER life…not someone else’s or by some cookie-cutter diet (no pun intended) or crazy fitness scheme.

When Sue and I sat down for our final 1-on-1 at the end of the program, it was like I was talking to a different person. Her energy, her spirit, her being was completely up-leveled.

And the 20 pounds and 10 inches are certainly the external results that are like the icing on the cake! (again…no pun intended!)


Sue’s final thoughts about her 8-Week experience?

“Change keeps coming to my mind.  I changed my mindset, fitness and nutrition habits:   fitness: the type of classes and therefore the time I worked out; nutrition:  what I ate, when I ate, how I prepared to eat; mindset: if you really want to change (hopefully that is why you are here) you have to be open to new things, new ways of doing things.  TRY EVERYTHING you are given… you won’t die, you might like it and even better the outcome may shock you.

Here is the definition of change and it is all applicable to the outcomes I’ve seen over the 8 weeks. 

Full Definition of CHANGE

transitive verb

1 a :  to make different in some particular way:   I changed my fitness routine and my eating  habits 

b :  to make radically different :  transform 10 inches and 20 pounds (as of Saturday!) seems radical to me! AND I left the beach in afternoon to go to a Barre class!

c :  to give a different position, course, or direction to  : as you have taught us lay the tracks so you know where they are if you get off course, then change and get on the right track!

2a :  to replace with another : I replaced lots of things I used to eat with healthier options (i.e. bread choice is now Ezekiel bread, and don’t forget the chia pudding!)

b :  to make a shift from one to another :  I shifted from HardBody and running to walking, yoga, and barre 

c   :  to undergo a modification of : what I eat and  when I eat has been modified; there is nothing wrong with eating rice at breakfast or lunch at 10:30am!

d   :  to put fresh clothes or covering on:  you bet I did!  some of the clothes that I bought after the first 10 pounds are starting to fall off of me now!


Sue is just one story…one woman…the stories of change from each woman who has experienced real, meaningful change in their life are each inspiring and show you that REAL CHANGE IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO!

So I challenge you to do one thing today that will get you closer to that better version of yourself…Move. Laugh. Love. Show gratitude. Enjoy a glass of wine with someone you love. Savor. Eat something that nourishes your body. Be the most authentic version of you.

And if you are ready for real, meaningful change in your life…I hope you’ll at least find out more about our 8-Week Body Project. It’s not a diet. It’s not a fitness program. It’s a COMPLETE LIFESTYLE PROGRAM.

Our summer session begins this Monday, July 6th – so call or email if you want to find out if this is the right program for you (we currently have 4 openings and registration is closing Saturday morning).

There’s more info over here on our website:

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I believe in you…do you?

Committed to your success,




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