Talking to yourself again?

Try switching your thoughts around with a few of my suggestions below. You’ll be amazed at how different it makes you feel!

I’ve bolded a few of the key words…notice the difference in the “positive” versus “negative” talk…it works. Ask all the scientists who have proven this in hundreds of studies! Or just ask any successful business person or a winning athlete. They’ll attest, I’m sure!

***“I can’t eat sweets because I need to lose weight.”***

When you tell yourself that you “can’t” do something…you’re setting yourself up to fail. You can have sweets, just in moderation:

***“I love having my sweets on Saturdays after a week of eating healthy.”***


*** “I have to lose the fat around my waist and hips.” ***

First of all, you cannot control where your body decides to lose the fat (spot reduction: myth), but you can control how much you exercise and what you eat. So try changing your thoughts to something in your control:

*** “I am going to focus on exercising 4 times each week and eating 5 small meals everyday to help me lose inches in my waistline and feel better in my clothes.” ***


*** “I can’t eat that because I’m on a diet.” ***

“Dieters” are no fun to be around. Instead of announcing that you’re on a diet, show others that you make healthy choices without making a big deal about it.

***If someone is pressuring you to eat something, respond, “No thanks, maybe I’ll try some later.” They’ll have nothing to say to you then! ***


*** “I know I shouldn’t eat this, but I’ve already blown my diet, so I might as well just have another one and enjoy it.”***

Eat it. Enjoy it. Don’t justify it. No one is judging you (and if they are, they are a saboteur, avoid having people like this in your life!).

*** “I have to workout extra hard today because I cheated last night.” ***
Do not punish yourself with exercise.
*** “I am going to get in a good workout today because I know it’s good for me and I love the way I feel when I’m done.” ***


*** “I’m not going to eat anything today because I have a party tonight and I know there will be a lot of food there and I don’t want to eat too much.” ***

Silly. If you don’t eat throughout the day, you’ll be ravenous later on and your body will hold on to every bitty morsel of food as fat. You’ll end up overeating instead of just enjoying the party food in moderation.

*** “I’m going to start off my day with a good breakfast and lunch and a healthy snack so I can really enjoy the food at the party tonight.” ***


*** “You’re so skinny, you’re lucky you can wear that, I could never pull it off.” ***
As backwards as this sounds…this is NOT a compliment to give someone. It is a deflection of your insecurity on someone else. Have the confidence to know that you look pretty darn good in your “boot cut” jeans and “skinny jeans” just aren’t made for everyone.
***Here is a compliment to give: “Those jeans look great on you.” ***

Thinking positively for you,

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