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Why I DON’T workout

September 23, 2016

We all have excuses. And valid reasons (at least in our own mind) why we don’t do something that we know we should do. Why we don’t exercise regularly. Why we don’t make better food choices. Why we don’t get more sleep. Why we don’t plan, prepare or organize. Why we don’t invest in ourselves.…

You won’t believe what this 8-year-old girl said…

August 15, 2016

A few weeks ago we hosted our Annual Girls Summer Empowerment Camp. We show them how to love moving their bodies and how awesome it feels to challenge ourselves: strength…Yoga…barre…dance…jump rope competitions…JUST FUN WITH MOVEMENT…Not for the sake of “exercise.” (novel idea, isn’t it?!) We teach them how to connect how food makes them feel:…

The Truth About “Snack Bars”

September 29, 2010

We all know that we have to be smart consumers. You don’t buy a car without checking its safety record or gas mileage and you don’t buy a house without a thorough inspection, right? Why shouldn’t you approach what you buy to eat in the same way?

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Top 2 Proven Food Tricks to Control Cravings

July 13, 2010

Ever been in the situation when you’re making dinner and you can’t help but pick and graze and take a few too many “taste-tests?” Ever feel like you can’t satisfy those late afternoon cravings? I have two super-simple tricks that will keep you from overeating plus give you some super-nutrition that your body needs to…

Kick the BBQ bad habits!

July 31, 2009

While outdoor cookouts are a great opportunity to relax and visit with friends and family did you know that the average barbecue meal exceeds 1500 calories? That’s almost an entire day’s worth of calories in one meal! That can really added unwanted inches to your waist line over the course of the summer.

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