SlimIn6 Total Body Transformation

The signature Body Project 6-Week Transformation fitness and weight loss program is finally online! SlimIn6 is a 6-Week fitness, diet, and motivation program starting January 10th – register now…only 25 lucky women will have access to this exclusive program!

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How to Choose the Right Workout Shoe

One of the most common mistakes we see is that probably 7 out of 10 people choos [running-shoe] e the wrong athletic shoes. Not wearing the correct shoe is often the root cause of chronic aches and pains and can actually cause injury.

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The Truth About “Snack Bars”

We all know that we have to be smart consumers. You don’t buy a car without checking its safety record or gas mileage and you don’t buy a house without a thorough inspection, right? Why shouldn’t you approach what you buy to eat in the same way?

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