Announcing the Spring 2011 Body Project Transformation Winners!

Without further ado…here are the six strong women who took home the title of Spring Transformation Winners! Complete with videos and pictures!

We all know spring is about new beginnings and fresh starts, and our 2nd Annual Body Project Spring 6-Week Transformation Challenge was the perfect way for over 175 women to commit to a healthier body, mind, and spirit.

I know that all the women who have participate in our signature 6-Week Transformations each experience results, but I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting all of this to happen:

–          Last spring, the Body Project Team took 4 hours to select the anonymous entries for the Top Internal Transformation winners; this year, the Body Project Team took almost 4 DAYS to select the winners! These women truly capture the essence of internal and external transformation.

– I didn’t expect to be so overwhelmed with so many tears and emotion when we announced the winners at each of our three Boot Camp locations. Just watch these videos of the winners…

Robbinsville Winners – Nancy Stefanowicz and Karen Hackel!

Bordentown Winners – Courtney Golden and Lisa Dreher

–          Over 80 Body Project women attended our first ever (and not the last!) “Grande Debut Red Carpet Makeover” Event where we celebrated our transformations complete with hair, makeup, and fashion makeovers, food and wine, and even swanky swag bags… and even better…in the spirit of giveback we raised over $2000 to implement Body Project fitness and mindset programs in women’s shelters nationwide as a partner of the amazing non-profit organization Enchanted Makeovers.

The BP women at the Red Carpet Event!

BP Gals Sue, Jeannine, Dana, Lindsay, Paula, Cindy, & Nicole on the Red Carpet

–  83.6% of the women experienced increased energy

–          96.2% experienced a drop in their body fat percentage and a drop in those stubborn pounds and inches in time for summer (thanks to our newest, cutting-edge ultrasound technology BodyMetrixTM each woman received personalized reports of their progress)

–          72.1% realized more muscle tone

–          6 out of 10 women challenged themselves to do something they would never expect they could do before Body Project: run the Bordentown 5K with the Body Project team (and these were women who aren’t “runners”), participate in a high-intensity spin class, try yoga, or cook quick, delicious, and family-friendly meals they didn’t think they had time to do.

Team Body Project at the Bordentown 5K
A Spin-room full of BP women ready for a power ride led by BP FitPro Anna!

As Fitness Professionals our energy is continuously renewed because we are always inspired by the hard work, blood (for some), sweat (a lot of it), and tears (from some, too). To see each of these strong, driven women push themselves through the physical and mental challenges helps us to continue to do what we love and what is the sole purpose of Body Project: to change women’s lives!


West Windsor HardBody Winner, Anne Reilly:

“Before Body Project I probably appeared happy to all of my friends.

I knew that in order to get myself back I had to start to take care of myself. I joined boot camp thinking it might be a “nice” exercise program. Little did I know… is so much more then a fitness or a nice exercise program. It is truly a life changing,….yes, life transforming experience. I have a long way to go, but I am on the path, and can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to be taking part in this adventure.

Thanks to Body Project my life has been transformed. I have a lot of energy, I feel good (those endorphins really work….who knew!).

My life feels balanced and in control. I now enjoy the small daily activities that make up life….I used to feel swamped by them. And most importantly, I feel like a person again. I count. I’m worth it! I’m not lost anymore. I know who I am, and I am a much, much better mom. I never expected to gain so much from a nice, little exercise program. I’m committed to feeling good. That’s the bottom line.”

West Windsor HardBody Winner Anne Reilly with FitPro Julie

West Windsor 6-Weeker Winner Nancy Gartenberg with FitPro Jessyca

West Windsor 6-Weeker Winner, Nancy Gartenberg:

“Over the years, I seem to have gotten into the habit of hitting the snooze button more than once, even after I had planned on getting up early to work out. Truth be told; I usually just turned it off completely!
I am determined to get up and refuse to let those ugly voices influence me. I rise immediately and thing about the women waiting for me (or at least I convince myself they are) to arrive to our 6am workout. I know now that if I hit the snooze again, not only will I be letting myself down, but I will be letting down my team; my BP team.

With each fit day, I realize I’m not powerless and I must own my circumstances. Things always tend to look better when in a confident space; in both mind and body. I no longer permit myself to engage in the negative self-speak that has taken up residence in my mind for such a long time.

I’m committed to nourishing my body with food that will keep my engine running and have begun to “re-learn” what works for me.
What is clear is my commitment to living a balanced life.

My Body Project journey has shown me (in high definition) that excuses are the epitome of unaccountable behavior. Sure, we can all operate there at times, but it is not a place where I want to reside.”

Robbinsville Winners Karen Hackel (bottom left) and Nancy Stefanowicz (bottom right)

Robbinsville 6-Weeker Winner, Karen Hackel:

“I now know this is a journey about me and only me. This is not about pleasing anybody else but me.”

The hardest habit for me to break was my addictions to sugar…I am now eating more than I ate before. I feel so much more energetic and healthier as I am feeding my body what it needs and I do not crave sugar!

I learned to stop being so judgmental and harsh on myself. Prior to Boot Camp if I made a mistake in my quest for fitness – I would slip off the band wagon and not get back on for many weeks thus defeating all the gains I had made…going through the workouts and journalling reminded me that I am a much stronger and courageous woman that I give myself credit for.

The success was due to many things in no particular order – a structured workout plan, all the handouts including a detailed exercise and food plan, the journal, the sense of camaraderie amongst the fellow boot campers, the motivating emails, accountability Mondays, the member’s website, Lindsay and all the trainers, the crazy and intense workouts, gadget Fridays…the list goes on and on!”

Robbinsville HardBody Winner, Nancy Stefanowicz:

“Let me introduce myself as a mother of three fabulous, busy and awesome boys, a wife of an amazing husband, and executive in a fast-paced, growing company, a sister and daughter also blessed with many great friends.

If you asked me six months ago for an introduction it most likely would have gone like this: I am a woman pulled in too many directions that has no balance, no time to exercise or eat right and is always exhausted!

I LOVE the new me!

Body Project has taught me so much more than I ever expected, ever would have believed, ever can express.

I learned to care about myself again, to strive for things that seemed out of reach, to allow myself to be vulnerable and realize it’s up to ME! To coin Lindsay’s phrase to “OWN IT!” Oh yeah, the physical transformation which is what I thought I was striving for…is now second to me. I am certainly leaner and stronger but most importantly, I have a brighter smile, a heartier laugh and I stand 2 inches taller with my new found passion for life!”

Bordentown Winners Lisa Dreher (bottom left) and Courtney Golden (bottom right)

Bordentown 6-Weeker Winner, Courtney Golden:

“I’ve tried soooooo many diets in the past, diet pills, starving myself, nutrisystem, weight watchers, etc. etc., but it honestly was not until coming to Body Project that I have learned so much about what really make a difference and what I really need to do.

I have never in my life been so committed and proud to do something…It has literally changed my whole personality.

I am what you would call a scale whore, every morning/everyday…yep, that was me. Through constant reassurance by my fellow boot campers and trainers I have been put on track when I went to boot camp ready to quit. The emails of encouragement have too kept me going…in writing this I realize the scale needs to go. I was thrilled to see the results from my BodyMetrix analysis. I lost about 4% body fat woohoo!!!! Just another example of I CAN DO THIS.”

Bordentown HardBody Winner, Lisa Dreher:

“My biggest challenge before beginning Body Project was putting myself first. I had fallen into the typical mid-life married woman with kids routine. Do everything for everyone and have nothing left for myself at the end of the day. At the beginning of last year, I went to my doctor for what should have been a routine physical…the doctor called a few days later – “Your cholesterol is very, very high- you need to come in right away for a prescription,” but I could not stop thinking “thirty-five is WAY too young to be on cholesterol medication.” This was my “AHA moment.”

Enter Body Project – I remember my first day. The workout was great but HARD!…but left with an amazing feeling of accomplishment for just having gotten through it. It was not that feeling you get from running on a treadmill or some sets on the gym machines…It was a new, healthy obsession and something I was doing just for me. I felt great after finishing each class, and that’s a feeling you work to maintain throughout the day. So, my thinking about food and its role in my day changed as a result. I wanted food that satisfied and kept my body at the top of its game. It’s really been a 180-degree shift in my thinking over this past year…and now it’s a family affair.

Body Project has taught me to love exercise as a way of life. With exercise, finding balance in my life is much easier because my mind is sharper, my body is stronger, and my energy is renewed. I’ve learned that putting myself first is not selfish as I used to believe, it’s necessary. I’m living a balanced, healthy life and there’s no reward that’s greater than that.”


Join me in congratulating these amazing women and celebrating with all the women who committed to the last 6 weeks to making themselves better, stronger, healthier women.

It is by no means easy to take the time or make the commitment to be a bit “selfish” and care for YOU. As you can see with the transformations of the women above, and the hundreds of other women just like you who have been a part of Body Project; devoting and investing in YOU will make you a stronger, fitter, healthier woman.

But that’s not the best part…when you make the time for you something magical happens extending to every part of your life…you become a more energetic mom, a happier wife, a more focused employee, a more patient boss, a better daughter, sister…the list will go on…you will feel fulfilled in every aspect of your life and will never settle for just “ok.”

The hardest part is just taking action and making the commitment to make a change in your life. Without a purposeful action and commitment, you will deny yourself  and your family the opportunity to experience the best you, the happiest you, the healthiest you…the best YOU possible (a YOU that you may not even know yet)!

Here to continually support you to take action and commit to a better YOU,


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