SlimIn6 Total Body Transformation

Body Project Boot Camp is Finally Available Online!

I have taken the Body Project signature Body Project 6-Week Transformation fitness and weight loss program and am finally making it accessible online wherever you live!

I’ve designed (and tested) the SlimIn6 Total Transformation specifically for busy women who don’t have a ton of time to workout, need the structure of a meal plan and workout program, want the accountability and expertise of an expert personal trainer, and above all, crave the results of the Body Project Transformation program.

Finally, no more wasted time with programs that don’t work because you can’t fit them into your busy life!

The SlimIn6 Total Transformation is the only complete, no-nonsense online fitness and weight loss program that will give you every detail you need to get your body and energy back in just 6 weeks…

…and you can start today!

Here is a list of just a few of the components you’ll get right in your email inbox when you commit to my SlimIn6 Total Transformation:

1. 6 weeks of workouts: Each week, I will email you a new, fresh workout plan to fit into your busy schedule.

2. Over 30 different Boot Camp workouts: You will receive over 30 different fat-burning, muscle-toning and metabolism-boosting workouts (not the long, boring cardio either). These are designed for all fitness levels – trust me, you’ve never seen workouts like these! * You can printout your workouts and take them to the gym, when you travel, or workout at home! The only equipment you need is a set of dumbbells.

3. Access to my online demo videos and exercise library so you can do the workouts properly and effectively, especially since you may not have previously seen many of my unique exercises.

4.  A delicious meal plan with over 100 recipes: You’ll get a detailed meal plan and meal schedule with over 100 delicious options that will fit into your busy life.

5. Success Toolkit: I’ll give you a unique checklist of the most optimal breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options that will increase your metabolism and optimize fat burn.

6. Full-access Membership to the Body Project Member’s-Only Transformation Forum. This is like a private “Facebook” exclusively for Body Project clients (it’s very private, safe, and secure). There are currently over 150 women that actively participate on the forum, asking questions, offering support and encouragement to each other, and sharing experiences. Imagine being part of a community of supportive women who have the same goals as you! Invaluable!

7. Expert Interview Series: Downloadable mp3 access to over 6 hours of my Expert Interview Series previously only offered only to my Transformation clients (to speak with these experts, you would pay well over $150-$200/hour):

Here is just a sample list of the audio series you will have access to:

* Transformation Secrets to Success

* Hormones Uncovered

*Aches, Pains, Injuries, & Why

* Your Children are what you Feed Them

Checkout Allyson, from Washington, DC:

Allyson - Before

Allyson - just 6 weeks later, 4 inches smaller, with abs!

“The workouts have been going really well and I feel a lot of changes in my body that even folks around me have noticed.  It’s always so interested how quickly things can change…I did a quick and easy 15 minute run on Friday and I felt great!  I haven’t felt that good during the first part of a run in a long time.  I guess this is proof that interval training is good for you.  I’ve just never had the motivation to do it in the past.” – Allyson, Washington DC

Weekly workout schedules!

Exercise Library & Demo Videos!

6 Weeks of Delicious Meal Options!


Leslie - 4.5 inches smaller, 1.2% body fat blasted!

“What I LOVE about this program is that it gives you “active rest’ days.  I would go to the gym everyday for about 1-2 hours easy.  With Slim in 6 I “have” to take 2 days off.  This is how I found a new love…yoga.  Another thing I love is the amount of time it takes to go the workouts.  I can get in and get out and now that I worked my hardest and got a GREAT workout in half the time I was spending working out.  Also, you can do the workouts at home if you don’t have time to run to the gym!!! Big plus!  The cardio changes things up with the intervals etc.  I was nervous about not using weights but still lost 1.2% body fat and 4.5 inches and some lbs so I am so happy!  I finally saw results!!  I did like watching the videos….and the pictures were GREAT!!!!

It’s the ONLY program that has ever worked for me!

The nutrition part of it is also great and easy to follow!  Once you follow it for a week or two…you get the hang of it and can feel confident making the right choices.  You can eat and still lose weight!  It really helped me to cut out so much sugar from my diet and carbs and even some dairy.  Things I thought I couldn’t live without but found out I can! It’s all about planning ahead and if you don’t…don’t beat yourself up…get over it and move on!

Thanks so much Lindsay!” – Leslie, Minneapolis

Access to Body Project's Member's-Only Forum






So here is a quick overview of how your

SlimIn6 Total Transformation will work:

Once you complete your registration below, you will receive an email confirmation email with your SlimIn6 Success Toolkit with all the info you need to instantly download your meal plan, workout calendar, and other info to help you prepare for your 6-Week plan that you can start as early as tomorrow!

Here is exactly what you need to do

to commit to your 6-Week Transformation:

1. Click the “Join Now” button below your payment choice below and fill in your registration and payment information.

2. Check your email to be sure that you receive your confirmation.

3. Start getting excited for the results! Get focused!


$97 for complete 6-Week program + your bonuses!

Click here for Ultimate Accountability - discounted $179!


* You will finally get rid of the spare-tire bulging over your pants.

* You will no longer waste your time looking up crazy diets that inevitably set you up to fail and cause you to gain even more weight.

* You’ll be relieved of a ton of extra stress and a boat-load of extra calories just knowing that you’re following a program that will get you your body back!

* You’ll get your confidence back and be able to wear those favorite clothes you’ve stored in the back of your closet.

* You will FINALLY experience that awesome feeling of committing to your New Year’s Resolution!

Can you get the same results without

The SlimIn6 Total Transformation?

Sure, I won’t lie to you. You probably can do it on your own.

Well, sort of.

But tell me this honestly: the last time you started a program or fad-diet supplement, were you COMPLETELY confident that you were doing the most effective workout specifically for fat-burn and muscle-tone (by the way…those cardio machines are proven time and again not to be the best fat-burn solution).

Did you end up just doing long, boring cardio that didn’t even work?

Did you spend even a quick moment second-guessing the program?

Did you eventually hit a plateau, get frustrated, and give up?

You see, I know from working closely with hundreds of clients that if you don’t plan, you leave your decision up to chance. And when you leave anything to chance, odds are, you’re not going to get results, no matter how dedicated or motivated you are.

I’ve done all the hard work and research for you. I’ve put together a solution that will give you the perfect plan to get you your body back.

Don’t waste your time anymore…you’re too good for that and you’ve got a lot more important things to worry about.

Focus on what’s really important. Your kids, your husband, your health, your energy, your career, doing what you really enjoy….

Can’t wait to help get you to your goals!

Your friend and  coach,

Lindsay Vastola & the Body Project Team

P.S. So, where will you be 6 weeks from today?

Fitter? Stronger? Sexier? or stuck in the same fitness rut?

Will you finally make the decision to take your body to the next level, just like you want to do with your career?

P.S.S. I know you can do it because I’ve helped hundreds of other women just like you do it too.

The only person who is keeping you from your ultimate body and reaching your final goals is YOU! Give yourself a chance to achieve the best body you’ve ever had…just give yourself 6 weeks!