The Self-Motivation Habit Most Women are Missing

Anyone struggle with self-motivation (in ANY part of your life)?

This is important…if we’re not managing our energy…there’s no way we can manage anything the way we want to without something breaking down in the process (our health, waistline, sanity, peace of mind, relationships …).

How many of you feel like you have the “pedal to the metal” and just don’t know how/when to hit the brakes?

Here’s a video I just did over on Facebook¬†Body Project with Lindsay Vastola.¬†I talk about one habit I’ve worked really hard at that helps me move past my struggles with self-motivation and how to get back to doing what I need to do to get back to feeling physically and mentally empowered and successful!

If you struggle with self-motivation, I think you’ll like this video I did where I demonstrate another reason why staying motivated is such a challenge.