15-minute Summer Sizzle! Resistance Band (RB)Workout

May 31, 2009

You can perform this resistance band and body weight workout several ways, depending on time and available space – perfect for your summer vacation! Remember, doing something is better than doing nothing! Incorporate cardio intervals to increase your heart rate levels and boost your metabolism…get creative…there are no “workout rules” – just move! sb game…

Is Starbucks (or any coffee addiction for that matter) making you fat?

March 1, 2008

We are coffee-crazed in this country – and Starbucks has definitely capitalized on it – but our fancy-coffee drinking fettish as a country may have a huge impact on our waistline. Don’t forget even when you are drinking your favorite pick-me-up beverage, you may be drinking more than you bargained for.Check out some of the…