The BP Team

Lindsay Vastola

Founder & CEO, NSCA-CPT

Why we love Lindsay…

…well, she started Body Project!

What Lindsay loves about BP…

“What started as an at-home personal training company out of the back of my Volkswagen Jetta, has evolved into this incredible community of women that I am truly honored to call my BP family. Everyone should be so lucky to be part of such a strong, committed, supportive community! These women inspire me to be my best every single day.”

Kelly Kenny

WITS Certified Trainer, 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, 100-hour Pre-natal Yoga Teacher

Why we love Kelly…

Kelly has the gift of making women feel incredibly comfortable especially when they are starting a new and unfamiliar journey; she has a way of helping women embrace their inner strength and limitless possibility.

What Kelly loves about BP…

“Body Project is an empowering, positive place where women can dig deep physically and take that strength and confidence with them when they leave the studio. I can’t think of a single reason why I wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that!”
Kelly’s specialty sessions: Restore Yoga, CoreFusion, HardBody, Personal Training