BP TALKS REPLAY: Nutrition Teleseminar with Rachel Cuomo, BP’s Team Dietician

If you missed our teleseminar with Rachel Cuomo, our team dietitian, click below to listen to the replay.

There’s nearly 60 minutes of non-stop nutrition information…a few things that might interest you:

  • Rachel talks about something she often does with clients who have damaged metabolisms due to years of yo-yo dieting – it’s a technique called “reverse dieting.”
  • We discussed how to time your meals throughout the day and what many women do wrong when it comes to their typical eating routines.
  • Both Rachel & I shared our favorite pre- and post-workout snack ideas.
  • Of course…we talked about the BANANA and why you may want to use rethink your typical go-to snack.

The session is jammed pack and you’ll leave with at least a few takeaways you can apply in your life immediately!

Click below to listen (originally recorded on 11/23/15):


And if you missed our October 2015 BP Talks Teleseminar on “Exercising but not losing weight?” – listen here!

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