MyBP Members: Food Tracker

Prep for our first MyBP Member Workshop!

You must know where you’re starting before you can know how to get to where you want to go!

CLICK HERE to download the “Baseline Food Tracker” I just mentioned in my video.

There will be copies in the studio if you need, or you can work right into the Word doc and print it out for Thursday’s workshop.

We are doing this to find out where you are in terms of your general eating habits (this is not to judge you!).
> When we see what your general eating habits are, we can then start to dissect what are the first, second, third…steps for you to take.
> This will tell us “where you are” so we can determine what you need to do to get to “where you want to go.”

> Complete the tracker for at least 2 days this week in preparation for our MyBP Member Workshop on Thursday night (8pm at the studio).
> You don’t have to get too specific in your log, as long as you can understand what you’ve written 
> During the workshop, I will take the group through an exercise where you will review your individual trackers and we can then determine the next best steps for you to focus on.
> Don’t worry about calculating the sugar and protein columns. We’ll do that together on Thursday.

*Remember, none of this is anything you HAVE to do. Some times of the year you’ll feel ready to focus and feel more motivated to take more action; other times, you may feel consumed by work, life, etc. These exercises that we share with you should not feel like additional stress in your life. We are here when you need at all times. It’s up to you to decide when the timing is right.

However, wherever you may be in terms of “taking action” – I do highly encourage you make these monthly workshops a priority on your schedule. Think of it as YOUR time to focus on YOU. A time to step back, reflect, and reset so you can then move forward with a clearer mind, with the support, accountability and valuable education you need to that will help make your life a bit easier, more balanced, and more purposeful. And sometimes just putting yourself around other women with the same mindset is all we need to help us get motivated!

**Be sure to join our private Facebook members-only group page BODY PROJECT STRONG. Weekly videos, replays of the workshops and other member-only information will be posted there from here on. Let us know if we can help you setup your private Facebook profile so you don’t miss any of the great information, community and support!