Reinvent Yourself at Body Project


Christine’s BP Story: From losing pregnancy weight to recovering from injury to discover her “inner athlete”

If i had to describe Body Project in one word to a friend it would be “COMMUNITY”.  You don’t just

Christine & her daughter (one of her four children!)

go to BP to exercise, you go there to succeed & be supported not only by the wonderful trainers but also by the other awesome women. And success may be defined as something different for each person. I first started with BP in November 2010 with the goal of losing the unwanted pregnancy weight from my fourth child. Little did I know that i would achieve so much more.

I started BP with their signature 6 week boot camp in the West Windsor batting cages of little league. I was amazed at the changes that took place in both my mindset and body in that short period of time. BP not only taught me about exercising but i also learned so much about nutrition as well. The tools they provided, food journaling, grocery tours, all taught me so much. It was because of food journaling that I figured out that i had a dairy intolerance. I noticed that i would feel sick at 3pm every day that i had eaten cereal for breakfast. Once i made the switch to almond milk i never went back.

I think one of the biggest transformations I credit to Body Project was not only losing weight and my physical appearance but the way i thought about myself. I never considered myself an athlete and now I do. It was because of the women of Body Project that I was able to compete in multiple 5ks and complete a triathalon. I never would have even tried to do any of those things. I now coach my daughter’s cheer team and softball team and i never would have had the confidence to do that if it weren’t for Body Project and the support of the BP trainers and fellow BP sisters.  

When BP made the move to their Robbinsville studio in 2012, it was devastating to me. I didn’t think I could find the time for the added commute. I stuck with it for most of 2012 until the bridge construction on old Trenton road- (ugh!!!). It doubled the time to get to the studio and just made it logistically much more difficult. I did find alternative gyms that were more logistically convenient and faithfully read all of Lindsay’s blogs to stay connected – but none of the new gyms were quite the same. I still maintained a healthy lifestyle though because of the knowledge I gained from Body Project over the years.

What brought me back….In April of 2015 I took a bad fall at my daughter’s First Holy Communion. I ended up breaking both of my elbows. It was devastating. I couldn’t work or exercise and simple daily tasks became extremely difficult. After months of physical therapy I finally was cleared to get back to the gym. I happened to receive an email from Lindsay shortly thereafter about some new programs they were offering and thought it might be the right time to go back. I knew that BP would be a safe place for me to continue with my recovery. My goal this time around was not weight loss (even though with two broken elbows eating was not an easy task so I was fortunate that I hadn’t gained any weight), but I was not that same person I once was. Another piece of knowledge learned from BP – don’t always believe what the scale tells you. When I met with Lindsay and she asked me what I wanted to get out of the program I said two things… 1) I wanted to feel strong again and 2) I wanted to be that better version of me that I felt I was when I belonged to BP before. Fast forward to today, about 1 1/2 years later and I do feel strong again and fully committed to the community of Body Project.  I feel healthy and so happy to be a member of this great community/family. I can’t thank Lindsay and BP enough for giving me and my family so much.

Christine Olenchalk, West Windsor, NJ, Member since 2010

Stacey’s BP Story: “I now push myself when I’d rather stay in bed or eat a brownie…BP is a network of strength when you run out of your own.”

Stacey hiking Greece!

My BP journey started on December 31, 2016. I decided to make a list of promises that I would do my best to keep in 2017. My priority was to feel more energetic, make better nutrition choices and just overall take better care of my body.

I remembered that a friend told me about the place she joined – I couldn’t remember exactly what it was called, just that it was in Robbinsville. I googled and found it – Body Project! It just so happened that 12/31 was the last day to sign-up for a special four-week program with a special discount. I felt like it was fate – four weeks would give me a taste of the program, the people, and if it would fit my lifestyle, and not break my budget. So I signed-up! And that was the beginning of the journey that I have been on for the past 4 months.

I call it a journey because it is ongoing. I learn something new every week. I push myself when I’d rather stay in bed or eat a brownie. I have made better choices overall – movement, nutrition, self-care…..everything! I have felt my body get stronger and can see it jiggling less. I enjoy food shopping and cooking for myself now – two things I hated doing before because it was just me and I didn’t see the point. But now, especially after doing the 8-Week Body Project program, I have learned to plan my week’s nutrition and activities ahead of time so I don’t have any pitfalls.

In addition to all of this, it’s the members and instructors who make BP the special place that it is. The support and camaraderie is strong and undeniable. I am a member of a group that helps each other through good times and not so good times. It is a network of strength when you run out of your own. You can count on the instructors and the members to be there for you and greet you with a smile every time you visit.

All of this has led me to the success I feel today, both mentally and physically, and I am so happy that I have kept my promise to myself – BP is a part of who I am now!

Stacey Verdino, Chesterfield, NJ

Mary Ann’s BP Story: “We joined BP because we were looking for a new gym and the opportunity to work out together (without hurting ourselves) and a place that we were going to feel comfortable. Body Project is not diet; it is a way of life.”

Much like most women I know, I have tried many, many “diets” and programs…Weight Watchers, Isogenix, Atkins, Soup diets, Liquid diets…Gym memberships, Cross Fit (until I needed rotator cuff surgery), Facebook groups…

BP Sisters Patty (her story below) & Mary Ann accomplishing the Ragnar race in CA!

I think the key word is “diet”.  Body Project is not diet; it is a way of life. Lindsay and the BP team inspire and guide you into a different way of thinking and behaving… teach us how to be accountable but accepting. Teach us not to judge ourselves, but make different choices. Teach us how to incorporate a healthy way of living thru chaos, travel, general life.

My greatest frustration before Body Project was that none of the diets or programs I did were sustainable. I did have a regular workout regimen, which was running. When I came in to Body Project for the first time, I told Lindsay that I was an overweight runner and I was almost resigned to that… I joked that I was working on the happy part of “fat and happy”

My first commitment was to join Body Project.  I began the journey with my partner in crime and best friend Patty. We joined BP because we were looking for a new gym and the opportunity to work out together (without hurting ourselves) and a place that we were going to feel comfortable.

What I’ve learned from Body Project: 

I learned that I am able.
I am able to change the way I think about diets
I am able to believe in myself and push my limits
I am able to trust my BP family
I am able to put myself first (sometimes)
I am able to “give myself permission” to not be perfect
I am able to trust and rely on my BP team to always “have my back”
I am able

The original purpose of joining was to lose weight, and I did… I think 11 pounds to start.  What I found was much more than weight loss. Body Project is a safe place to work out, to consider options, to try new things and to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. The BP team is encouraging and motivating and never judgmental.  I have made new friends, connected with old friends and have transformed my way of thinking.

Mary Ann Cook, Robbinsville, NJ 


Sue’s BP Story: Lost over 30 pounds, more than 25 inches and has kept it off for more than 8 years!

“I started Body Project on October 27th, 2008. My goal was to lose weight and to get into better shape. I was also excited to try something new and challenge myself. I have been walking for exercise for many years and while I enjoy it, I needed something more. I was nervous, but knew it was time to step out of my comfort zone and try Body Project. I’m so happy I did and am still at it more than 5 years later for a few reasons. First and foremost is Lindsay and her team and the way they make me feel at ease and at the same time challenges me to work hard. I like that each workout is different from the last one and are interesting and fun, (hard but still fun).

Since starting Body Project, I have lost over 30 pounds and over 25 inches. I have more energy than ever and problems with my back pain have eased. I really enjoy it and recommend it for those who want a challenge and want to feel healthier and look leaner and fit. BODY PROJECT IS GREAT!”

– Sue Midura, Hamilton, NJ, member since 2008

Ann Marie’s BP Story: Empowered by the BP Sisterhood (and now loves to sweat!)

As a member of Body Project for over 5 years, Lindsay and her team have motivated and encouraged me to be a better me! They are supportive and caring people who make each one of us feel special and important as individuals. Prior to joining Body Project, I would exercise but not on a consistent basis. One of my biggest challenges was I hated to sweat! I know it sounds crazy.  After participating in a boot camp at Tatum Park, I was hooked! I was able to mentally get past the uncomfortable feeling of being sweaty. I realized that exercising regularly was as important as brushing your teeth. The support and encouragement that I receive pushes me to keep trying to get stronger. I am now at the point when I miss a session at BP, I’m very disappointed and can’t wait until my next class. There is a “sisterhood” at Body Project that you most likely would not experience at any other facility. We encourage and support each other both mentally and physically.

The classes and programs at Body Project are various and all encompassing! Lindsay and her team are constantly looking to improve what is offered at the studio and challenge us to be better women. Classes are for all levels whether you are a beginner or an experienced.

I know that my life would not be the same without Lindsay and her team at Body Project Fitness and Lifestyle! Come join BP to be the BEST YOU that you can be! I could not imagine being a member some place else. Being a member at BP is a great experience!

Ann Marie Sepcic, Member since 2011

Patty’s BP Story: “For the first time in 10+ years, there is nothing stopping me to reach my goals!”

I’ve had so many “aha” moments at Body Project…but this morning while making the bed I had a big one. I was going over things in my head about my weight loss and where I have come over such a short period of time. I was thinking about my change of eating habits and exercise routines and it suddenly hit me- I really am in control and can do this. For the first time in 10+ years I thought to myself there is nothing stopping me from reaching my goal weight and being healthier then I have been in years. I really can go into 50 being fit and fabulous. I know that probably sounds weird but it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. So much of that epiphany is because of the BP team and my BP family. The knowledge and support that I have received from has been amazing and I just had to tell you how grateful I am to you and your team. You guys really do make a difference in people’s lives.

Thank you for never ending support!!!

Patty Hensler, Hamilton, NJ (picture above with Mary Ann Cook!)

Katie’s BP Story: It isn’t a gym…it is a way of life!

Wow – Where to begin – Body Project has helped me be more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve been an athlete all my life but by the mid-30s life got in the way and I moved away from that part of my life. I’m stronger both inside and out as a result of Body Project. It isn’t a gym – it is a way of life. You may go to a session tired but you come out inspired! It is energizing!

Katie Dunn (right) with Carol Moscarello – Golden Dumbbell winners!

The trainers are amazing and supportive – they are truly interested in making sure you are accountable and setting realistic goals.

I’ve made lifelong friends who are supportive and encouraging.  I can’t imagine my life without them.  We don’t always see each other but we have a connection that is like none other.  We cheer each on in life and when we decide to lace up those sneakers for a race.  And the athlete is back – I started running in 2015 where I completed 6 races – including my first 1/2 Marathon! Thank you BP for making me a better version of myself!

  • Katie Dunn, Robbinsville, NJ, Member since 2009

    Marcie’s BP Story: “It’s the only gym I’ve stuck with!”

    Body Project has changed my life. It’s the only fitness studio I have stuck with. Even though I’m
    not where I want to be, I continue to improve every day and try to be the best version of myself.

    -Marcie Jackel, Robbinsville, NJ

Thea’s BP Story: Challenge = change!

I enjoyed the 10 week challenge very much. I think that the biggest thing that I took away from it is

Thea showing off her son’s football jersey!

that exercise..or movement..can be done anywhere at any time of the day. I had a difficult time scheduling-wise to get to Body Project while I did the 10-week challenge, especially in April. However, even though I my schedule didn’t lend itself to getting there, I still was able to fit in the challenges..most of the time!! Some days and challenges were easier to fit in than others obviously but much of it was doable!

The 10,000 steps challenge was the most difficult for me. I realized that I don’t walk enough and have been aiming to change that, especially with the warmer weather coming up!

I’m looking forward to doing the 4-week food couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks ladies!!

Thea Dranoff, Robbinsville, NJ

 Cindy’s BP Story: 15 pounds, over 9 inches and is now a triathlete!

“My name is Cindy Baker and I’m a Body Project lover! When I started, it was hard to climb-up stairs without feeling exhausted and out of breath. I thought about joining a gym, but I needed someone to motivate me to live a healthier life and to feel comfortable again in my clothes. No more wearing work skirts that were zipped 2 inches down from the top. No more excessive bulges over the top of my pants or on my back making me look like a barrel.

Cindy Baker (left) – one of Body Project’s first members!

After my first three 4-week sessions more than 8 years ago, I knew Lindsay’s program was working. I was gradually losing weight and inches and I felt so much better physically. Even the constant pain in my feet was less severe. All of the exercises the instructors incorporate into every session etc. stretch my muscles and tendons so my feet felt 80% better. That alone changed my quality of life.

In the first year, I lost more than 15 pounds, about 9 inches overall from my waist, thighs and arms, and over 3% body fat. I eat healthier, smaller portions throughout the day to keep my metabolism working. I refuse to stop eating my favorite foods, I just eat less. My biggest obstacle was worrying about losing weight and getting tone within my first session. The stress from worrying was preventing me from getting the results I wanted. I could see and feel I was on track to reaching my goals; however, it wasn’t until I became a 12-month member that I broke through a plateau and started to lose body fat. Lindsay and her team are awesome fitness trainers and I plan to continue the Body Project program for a long time.”

-Cindy Baker, Hamilton, NJ: Transformation Winner, spring 2014, member since 2008

Amy’s BP Story: “I came to BP searching for something for me… more than an exercise program…and I found that and so much more. I found what I have been looking for…”

I cannot say enough about Body Project! The women are so supportive of one another and the community is just outstanding!

I came to BP searching for something for me… more than an exercise program…and I found that and so much more. I found what I have been looking for…

I have a lot of ongoing stress and last year….I call it the “year from hell”….pneumonia followed by a broken foot and ankle..I felt like I had a family here…positive, supportive and gently encouraging at a time when I felt like I would never exercise again…. well, here I am, a year later and I am COMMITTED to exercise thanks to my BP family!

I have learned so much about what I eat and when I eat and ways to make a healthy life style work for my life style…

Thank you all so much for all you do!!!
Amy Hanselmann, Robbinsville, NJ