November Inspiration of the Month: Katie Dunn

Katie Dunn started her Body Project nearly 5 years ago.

Fall 2013 Winners Carol Moscarello & Katie Dunn

Fall 2013 Winners Carol Moscarello & Katie Dunn

Her journey to where she is today was not easy or seamless. It took some work, some successes and some failures to find the “missing” pieces. But Katie remained resilient, and positive that she just had to keep searching for what “worked” for  her.

She’s now 30 pounds lighter, stronger, consistent, mindful and she holds her head up higher from the confidence and pride she’s found in herself.

She was “crowned” our Transformation Winner last Fall and continues to inspire, motivate and be a vital part of the BP family. I know you’ll find Katie’s story as inspirational as we do.

Katie inspires us to stay the course, rebound from setbacks – even when it seems toughest – and to surround ourselves with people who lift us up…

Here is a peek into Katie’s journey in her own words…

What was your biggest frustration before you started Body Project? How has BP been a part of helping you overcome this frustration?

“My biggest frustration before I started Body Project was finding time to focus on working out – finding a balance between work and life. I had a job previously where I traveled a lot and had gained a lot of weight because I didn’t make myself a priority. BP has helped me realize that focusing on me helps the balance issue – which in the end helps me be a better employee and manager as well as a better Daughter, Aunt, Sister, Friend.”

What results have you experienced since being a part of the BP family?

Katie Dunn...our November Inspiration of the Month!

Katie Dunn…our November Inspiration of the Month!

“When I first started BP I had some challenges – consistency and managing my food intake – which resulted in some things not going in the right direction.  The BP team was there with me the entire time – pushed me to be a better version of myself and encouraged me to explore other avenues – the one that stuck was a nutritionist.

I’ve changed how I look at food – I’ve eliminated processed food (as much as possible), drink half my weight in water on most days – just some examples.  I’m a better manager and employee because I’ve been able to manage my stress and energy level by focusing on me (and when I don’t – I know what I need to do – go to BP for a class – yoga is usually my go to when my stress level is high).

I have the confidence to try new things – started Spin last fall (which I love) and I purchased my first road bike this spring – and loving every minute of my rides.  I’m more comfortable in my own skin (think bikini top next summer – the me of a year ago would’ve said NO WAY) and lastly a combination of nutrition improvements and my BP workouts (TRX, Yoga, Strictly Strength and Barre) – I’ve lost over 30 lbs in 2 years and I’ve kept it off.  Slow and steady wins the race – this is a marathon not a sprint!”

If someone was on the fence about Body Project – what would you tell them that would help make their decision to start our program?

“It truly is group fitness meets personal training and so much more.

It is a community of empowered, strong, supportive women – you don’t get this at a gym.”




Katie program includes attending 2-3 sessions weekly at Body Project including a few of her favorites TRX, Restore Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Barre and Barefoot Strength.


Katie focuses on eliminating as much processed food as possible, has found that eating when she’s hungry works best for her (vs. several small meals daily) and has found ways to pack easy snacks when she travels or is on the road and still enjoys her Saturday Penn State football game celebration food and drink!


Katie is currently finishing her first 8-Week Body Project program where her focus was getting back on track and keeping her success-focused mindset so she can continue her journey stronger than ever!

Congratulations Katie and thank you for your continued inspiration to our BP Family!

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