In Just 6 Weeks…

The best way to change your body in just 6 powerful weeks…

So what is the deal with Body Project’s 6-Week Total Body Transformation everyone is talking about?

Do you ever say this to yourself?

“I know I need to get back on track with my diet and exercise but I just get so frustrated because nothing I do seems to work. I just can’t seem to stick to a program where I actually see lasting results.”

Imagine in just 6 weeks saying this to yourself instead:

“I love the way I feel, I’ve dropped a pant size, have lost 5 inches, lost 7 pounds of pure body fat and can actually see my muscles! I have so much energy that I feel like I can accomplish anything, I am more productive at work and at home, and I’m stronger, happier, and sexier than I’ve felt in years! and it’s only been 6 weeks!”

Here’s how you did it in just 6 weeks:

Workouts were awesome, very challenging, but like nothing you’ve done before…recipes and meal plans were plentiful and delicious…the motivation, support, accountability and encouragement from your Body Project Team and fellow boot campers most definitely far surpassed any previous program that you’ve ever done, and the bonus workouts kept you on track throughout the week (and you were actually excited to do them!).

Checkout how some of our previous winners did it in just 6 weeks…(p.s. they each won a free year of boot camp!!!)

Robbinsville Winner Kristen Mattina with FitPro Lindsay Vastola

“I have done a few other bootcamps but then I tend to get off track when I finish. This time I totally committed 100%. I did not miss one boot camp…in fact I even did an extra one and I did ALL of my off-day stuff…didn’t miss one [at-home workout]. I totally committed to the nutrition guidelines as well. I was active on the forum and was constantly emailing Lindsay to bother her with questions or share exciting news. She was always ready to provide me with answers and encouragement.

I lost 14 1/2 lbs and 9 1/2 inches. I feel sooo motivated and I am sooo happy with my results. I worked so hard and even won the golden dumbbell award. I feel great and I am ready to keep going. I feel the boot camps are totally worth it (even if I didn’t win)…that’s why I keep going back to them. It’s truly a great and rewarding experience and you won’t be sorry you did it. There’s no where to go but up :)”

Jacqueline Stein – West Windsor Transformation Winner

West Windsor Transformation Winner Jacqueline Stein with proud Body Project FitPros, Jessyca Brown & Kelly Kenny

”When I registered for boot camp, I was VERY excited, but VERY nervous that I could not handle it. I did not sleep the night before, but the support I have found from the trainers and other boot campers gave me the motivation to succeed. I really took the commandments to heart and made everything positive. I lost 10 inches and 3.1% body fat in a short 6 weeks and I truly found a new life. I feel like my life has been transformed and at the end of the 6 weeks, I believe my journey is just beginning not ending.”

Jill Pritkin – Bordentown Transformation Winner

Bordentown Transformation Winner Jill Pritkin proud Body Project FitPro, Carrie Ward

 “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is an amazing gift!!! A true opportunity to continue my journey to my balanced healthy authentic self. As all of my friends know, I was never a fan of the words “boot” & “camp” being used together – actually had a mental block that stopped me from ever challenging myself. I am so happymy friend introduced me to Body Project and all of you! It’s been an amazing 6 weeks – a true testimony that our bodies are often stronger than we realize, we just need to be pushed out of our comfort zone to realize the potential that lies within all of us. And trust me – I was uncomfortable – just the word “burpee” can do it! Winning a year of Bootcamp is unbelievably humbling – thanks for believing in me!”

Jill increased her fitness level nearly 30%, had near perfect attendance, is 4.5 inches smaller, down 10 pounds, and 3.3%  of pure body fat blasted!



Here are is everything you will get as part of your Spring 2012 6-Week Total Transformation (see if any gym gives you this much support and a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy with your results!!):

– Of course killer Boot Camp workouts as usual, but we’re
incorporating new equipment that will really up-the-ante!

– NEW! Personal Fitness Assessments – this is an invaluable tool!
Are you sure you’re working hard enough or the right way during your
workouts to get maximal results? Our before and after personal fitness
assessments will give you specific goals to personally work on during
your workouts based on where YOU are. This is a service we give our
personal training clients and now you’ll be able to experience the
incredible value for yourself!

– NEW! Nutrition Strategies for Weight Loss and Optimal Health Seminar
we’ll have a specific seminar with a panel of experts to answer your questions
about how to eat for weight loss and optimal health –
this is SUPER valuable and you don’t want to miss this!

NEW! Online accountability tracking program where you can track your
progress daily and interact with our coaches on your goals and personal program.

– Of course, access to our members-only website MyBP

– Body Metrix before and after analysis with your
custom body composition analysis report
(Body Metrix is THE most cutting-edge technology in fitness to track
your weight loss and fitness progress – you would pay well over $85
to have this analysis done in a wellness center or doctor’s office)

– 3 Sunrise Yoga Workouts…the perfect balance!

– New meal plan and weekly recipes

– A chance to win a year of Body Project Boot Camp premium membership!

I could go on and tell you all about the accomplishments about the past 6-Week Transformations…but why don’t I let the women who have done our program speak for themselves…here’s what a few of the women said about their experience:

“My experience at bootcamp was like no other…
I used to spend hours in the gym and never got results like this. I wasn’t just a gym membership but an actual person to the trainers. They gave you the tools to be successful not only in the six weeks but for a lifetime. I’m still transforming but I feel so inspired by the women I’m surrounded by and so excited by this program that
I cannot wait to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get there. This lifestyle that they have created has even inspired me to fulfill a dream that I had as a younger woman to work in the fitness industry. I want to pass this gift onto other women. It’s too good to keep to myself. I want everyone to feel this amazing.”

“Life changing for me…
The combination of exercise training and nutrition are great. I have lost both inches and pounds, but have experienced results I didn’t think I could achieve being over 50. Even though it’s very hard and challenging, you are never made to feel inadequate. Everyone works and encourages each other which provides great results. Much better environment than a gym!”

“It was a very positive experience which surpassed my expectations!…
The trainers are upbeat, knowledgable, and encouraging. The workouts are challenging but varied so that it’s a new workout everytime you attend. I also enjoyed meeting other women from my town who were very much like me. It was a chance to get fit and enjoy ourselves at the same time. You have absolutely nothing to lose (except for some fat!).”

“The greatest motivator was the rapid results…
My energy level after the first week was so high that I was craving a workout every morning.”

“I have been going to Body Project Boot Camp for over two years and at 59 years old I’m in better shape now than when I was 35.”

“Committing to a lifelong health fitness is an ongoing process of making conscious decisions that affect yourself and those around you…
I have certainly rubbed off and made a positive change on my family just from incorporating the snack and meal plan. I’ve added fruits and veggies on their meals – this is a MAJOR accomplishment! I’m very proud of myself for pushing my mental and physical boundaries beyond my expectations. I am COMMITTED! Thank you Lindsay and the BP team!!”

Join me in congratulating all the winners as well as each woman who challenged herself! We are so proud to have these women as part of the Body Project family and they each are proud of the journey that they’ve only just begun! What’s holding you back?



CLICK HERE before space runs out!

It starts Monday, February 27th through April 6th…register and mark your calendar!

Here are the details you need to know (once you register you will be emailed all the additional info you need to know to prep for the Transformation and we’re here to answer any questions!):

2012 Spring 6-Week Transformation Dates:

February 27th – April 6th

Three New Jersey Boot Camp Locations

Robbinsville – Tantum Park Batting Cages, Meadowbrook Road – Click here for map

West Windsor – Community Park Little League Batting Cages, Route 571 – Click here for map

Bordentown- Carslake Community Center Gym, 209 Crosswicks Road – Click here for map

Boot Camp workouts are three days each week


Three workout times (register for one time slot)




The complete program with all 6-Week Bonuses included (plus we always through in a few more surprises!) is only an investment in YOU of $297.

That’s only $7 a day to finally get the body you want and deserve!!

CLICK HERE to start your Total Body Transformation!

Or call us to register or for more info if you have any questions at all – call Dana at 609-336-0108!

Don’t wait though…our space is very limited!


5am – 4 spots open

6am – 1 spot open

9:30am – 2 spots open

West Windsor:

5am – 2 spots open

6am – 4 spots open

9:30am – 6 spots open


5am – 4 spots open

6am – 6 spots open

9:30am – 6 spots open

Think about where you will be April 6th, 5-7 inches smaller, fitter, healthier stronger? Or will you still be a victim of “quick-fix” yo-yo diets you know won’t work? >> Click here to take charge of your new body! <<

I believe in my program so much that I’m guaranteeing 100% of your money back if you aren’t completely satisfied with your Transformation!

See you on February 27th!

Committed to your success,

Lindsay & the BP Team

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