If you love your crockpot…read this!

I love my crock pot.

After all, my mother is from the south, so crock pot meals were just part of my childhood along with casseroles and apple sauce!

But the only “thing” with crock pots is that while they make life easy in many ways…there’s still a lot of forethought, planning and prep work.

On those dreaded nights when you get home and you are faced with THE question:
WHAT’S FOR DINNER?? I don’t have the 8 hours to simmer a stew or soup…I need it pronto!

Over Thanksgiving, my husband’s cousin was telling me about her new Instant Pot. She actually called it “life changing.” Life changing? Really? Come on…it’s a kitchen appliance!

It became this very animated dinner conversation about crock pots vs. Instant Pots…what you can and can’t make in each…why do I need ANOTHER kitchen gadget. I mostly argued with her for the sake of argument 🙂

So a week before Christmas, I get a box from Amazon with a gift card that says, “Consider your life now changed.” Low and behold was this Instant Pot.

I didn’t get to cooking anything in it until a few weeks after the holidays…

But on that first “real” snow storm that Saturday night…I felt like a big bowl of chili. The kind that simmers all day…except it was 5:30pm and there was no way anything was simmering.

So I ventured in to the Instant Pot box, pulled out the manual (only half-read it) and searched on Pinterest for an “Instant Pot chili recipe.”

Less than 40 minutes later I had chili that tasted like it had simmered all day long. Amazing…

The Instant Pot is basically everything…you can use it as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, you can make yogurt (haven’t tried this yet!) and I love that you can actually brown and saute meat/veggies RIGHT IN THE SAME POT! No need to dirty more dishes!

Since then I’ve made steel cut oats in less than 10 minutes, butter chicken, mashed potatoes, soups, stew, teriyaki chicken…simply awesome.

Every busy family needs an Instant Pot! It can take a little getting used to (there’s a bazillion buttons and I’m not quite confident just “winging” recipes, but there are a TON of recipe resources online (I like using Pinterest for my recipe searches).

Here’s a quick link on Amazon:

So many women and families get frustrated by meal prep, planning and the WHAT’S FOR DINNER question…I love this tool to simplify…and yes she was right…it may just be life changing!!!

I’d love to hear your favorite Instant Pot recipes if you have one!

Committed to your success…one little tip at a time…