Personal Promise #2: Make an “I DID IT” List

(Over the next several weeks, I’m going to share with you 12 personal promises you might consider instead of the typical or “goals.” If you didn’t have a chance to read why I refuse to make “Resolutions” or “set goals,” I think you’ll get a lot out of reading my post: 12 Goals You’re More Likely to Achieve this Year. )


This one wasn’t in my original “12 personal promises” – so as of now I’m officially making it 12 PLUS can-or-cantONE…

Not sure how I missed this one because it’s a HUGE game changer that I talk about frequently and why I think so many women set themselves up for consistent feelings of failure without even realizing it.

See, here’s the way a human’s mind works…
(disclaimer: this is NOT boldly scientific, but certainly demonstrates how our our everyday mind operates and what it means to our daily life)…

Have you ever noticed when you’re looking for a new car, for example, and interested in a specific make/model and even color, it seems like all you start seeing is that exact car you’re looking for wherever you go?

This happens simply because whatever is front-of-mind becomes what our mind’s eye is drawn to seek out and find.

But obviously this personal promise isn’t about how to find the car you want.

What I want to show you is how we actually have great power on the outcome of our actions by shifting what we look at.


  1. Take the next 20-30 seconds and think about (or better…write down) the tasks, responsibilities, obligations and “to-do’s” that you DID NOT get done in the past two days.
  2. Now take the next 20-30 seconds and think about what you DID accomplish.

I’m going to step out on a limb and guess that your “I DIDN’T DO IT” list was 1) far easier for you to come up with and 2) longer than your “I DID IT” list.  (if I’m wrong, then you probably don’t need to keep reading and can skip around to another one of my posts…) 🙂

Here’s why I think this happens more often than not…as women, in our effort to manage and attempt to balance family, work, life, a home, etc. we become so focused on everything we DIDN’T accomplish because frankly the “TO DO” list just never. ever. ever. ends. Inevitably it will feel like we never get everything we need to get done, done.

Here are a few common “DIDN’T DO” daily thoughts I hear from women:

– I didn’t finish cleaning the house.
– I didn’t get dinner prepared.
– I didn’t get everything on my list done today.
– I didn’t workout today.
– I binged on chocolate (again…).
– I just don’t have time to X.
– I’m not as far in my career/making as much money, etc. as I could be.

But remember how the mind works?

If you’re so focused on what you didn’t get done, where do you think your mind’s “eye” will generally track?

Yep: all the things on your “list” that did not get crossed-off.


– I focused on getting the kitchen clean and organized.
– I did get in a healthy breakfast this morning.
– I finally got that huge [insert task] off my list!
– I was able to take a 20-minute walk at lunchtime.
– I focused on having more veggies with my meals today.
– I found 5 minutes today to work on [X].
– I’ve accomplished [X] in my professional career and have come so far.

By shifting focus to what you have DONE, you’re far more likely to create and repeat positive habits that make you feel more purposeful and productive. And there is no better feeling that becomes the catalyst for unstoppable success!

If there is one takeaway I hope you leave with it would be:

Our thoughts become our actions.
Our actions become our habits.
Our habits become how we live.

Start revolving your thoughts around what you DO.

And I bet you DO far more than you even give yourself credit for.

If you think your “didn’t do” mindset could be holding you back from being that best version of you…make a personal promise of making an “I DID IT” list.

If you read my Personal Promise #1: Self-Discipline, I talk about a few of my daily non-negotiables…and focusing on writing down one success daily is a really important one for me. I keep a journal next to my bed and jot it down (almost) every night. So try that as an easy way to start your “I DID IT” list!

And even more importantly, we must be sure to CELEBRATE our successes!

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