Forever Postage Stamps – USPS Forever Stamps, First Class Stamp

Forever Postage Stamps: In the year 2007, the United States Postal Services launched a kind of stamp
category as Forever Stamp, which cost almost same to regular FDCs on a postal envelopes weighing one
ounce or maybe less. These are also referred as permanent or non-denominated stamps.

These are of two kinds:

1. Internation Postal Stamps: This kind can be sold on behalf of other nations.
2. Local Postal Stamps: These kinds are used within local or already defined geographical area, a
city, town or a distinct transportation zone.

Military Stamp: These are mainly made for nation’s arm and the army forces. These have specific usage
duration, during wars, conflicts, or even when the country’s looking for peacekeeping movements.
Military stamps used on letters and card used by soldiers until they commanded over the destination
country. Military stamps came into widespread existence during the period of World War II by army
members to their near and dear ones.

Miniature Sheep Stamp: These are also known as mini sheets which are relatively smaller than
commemorative standard size sheets of postage stamps buy stamps near me, carry more than one stamp on it.

Official Mail Stamp: These are authorized and printed just for government. Government is official users for such type of stamps for governing and official documentation tasks.

Occupation Stamp: Significantly these stamps are used by the occupying army and soldiers.
Overprint A Regular Stamp: This kind of postage stamp has changed the designing launched by
Printing Over. These issued stamps are similar to definitive or commemorative ones.

Perforated Stamp: In this stamp is divided into a whole sheet into the format of one single stamp. In such types, stamps hold punching holes on a sheet of paper in a specific pattern which is termed as

Postage Due Stamp: Such types stamps indicated that full postage payment is still as due and not been paid fully. These work as the sign of denoting for revenue.

Postal Tax Stamps: This kind of stamp designates a tax apart from the postage pay has already been
paid. Often used by mails issued with specific date or day.

Revenue Postal Stamp: These are applied to accumulate taxes and fees on medicines, alcoholic drinks,
hunting licenses, playing cards, registration as the firearm, tobacco, or other relevant documents and
things. Such stamps are provided explicitly by the central government or by other government officials.
Also known as tax or fiscal stamp.

Self Adhesive Stamp: Well, these stamps goes according to their name. They are self-sticky stamps that don’t need any glue, or gum to stick.

Semi-Postal Stamp: These are also referred as charity stamp because all fund collected by selling such will be transferred to charitable trusts or institutions. The 10 cents from each stamp will get moved to
such institutions and other will pay amount will keep as the tax.

Souvenir Sheet Stamp: These are sort of commemorative stamps provided in the big set format which
is validated for postage. Such types are imperforate or perforate postal stamps.

Special Postal Stamp: These are meant for special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving or greeting
stamps to show the feels and love that why called as individual stamps.

Specimen Stamp: This stamp works as proof sent to postal administrative people and postmasters as a legal specimen.

Test Stamp: This is a mark but not a good label for postage. Officially used by postal administrations to
add or to deduct or the way of sorting from machines. Are so-called dummy stamps.

Variable Value Stamp: Such kind of stamps is emerged out from the machines looks like ATMs where
people can add their printing choice. These are based on fixed rates by the postal department.

War Tax Postal Stamp: These are uttermost similar to regular stamps, but the revenue paid for such
stamps will be used later during war session in the nation.

Water Activated Stamps: These stamps hold a dry gum and need moisture while sticking over. This is
usually done by licking so are also known as Lick and Stick Stamps.