Female Fat Loss Over 40 – Interview with Shawna Kaminski, expert trainer

Female Fat Loss Over Forty

Shawna Kaminski from Calgary, has become the go-to expert in the fitness industry for female fat loss over 40, and I’ve been fortunate to not only know her as a fellow trainer, but as a friend as well…so I feel really fortunate to be able to share her insights with you!

She gave us 30 mintues of no-nonsense, honest answers about fat loss over 40 and she gets to the bottom of some of the biggest frustrations you face when it comes to weight loss, hormone changes, that sudden “tire” around your middle, and gave realistic daily solutions to how to tackle your biggest frustrations and finally feel better in your own skin.

I was bombarded with responses to my post last week asking for your questions you wanted me to ask Shawna…let me tell you, she OVER DELIVERED! I can’t encourage you enough to take 30 minutes to listen to this interview.

Click here to listen to my interview with Shawna Kaminski, Female Fat Loss Over 40 Interview

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If you experience any of these frustrations, I also strongly suggest you take a look at her fat loss program she talks about in the interview:

>> Click here to check out the Female Fat Loss Over 40 Fat Loss Workout Program

Most of you know, I’ve got a few years before hitting 40…but as I realized in my interview with Shawna, it’s critical for women in their 20s and 30s to start thinking about their bodies long-term…there are steps you can take now to avoid the dreaded “tire around the middle” and to keep your metabolism at tip-top pace, which is essential for fat loss.

If you currently go to our Fitness Boot Camps in New Jersey, Shawna’s fat loss program is a perfect complement to your boot camp routine. Many of you are always asking me for extra workouts to do on off-boot camp days or when you’re travelling and can’t make it to boot camp…this program is an ideal option.

Or, if you don’t come to our boot camps, you should get Shawna’s “Female Fat Loss Over 40” instantly downloadable program to give you a super-effective fat loss program. Click here to check it out.

I know you’ll appreciate the solid information and that it will help you on the path to your ultimate fitness and health goals…remember KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Thanks again Shawna for doing this for us!

Your partner in health,

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