Teleseminar Replay: Exercising but not Losing Weight?

One of the most common frustrations I hear from women is that even though they’re exercising, they feel like they’re not losing weight.

There are several reasons why this might be happening….but most women don’t know or are just trying to figure it out on their own (creating even more frustration).

What most women *think* is wrong:
– They’re not exercising “hard” enough (so they increase their intense workouts)
– They think they’re not doing enough cardio (so they do more long bouts of cardio)
– They believe something could be wrong with their thyroid
– They think they’re eating too much (so they cut calories or cut out certain food groups)
– Despite cutting out certain foods (i.e. “carbs”), they’re still not losing

What could *actually* be causing the plateau:
– Many women are OVER exercising (you have to balance intense workouts to spark fat loss)
– You’re not doing the RIGHT kind of cardio (yes…there are different forms of cardio)
– Many women are trying to maintain a high-stress, high-demand lifestyle (that is actually creating a hormonal imbalance and hindering your results)
– What most do is try to cut TOO much out of their diet, or drastically cut calories (which actually forces your body to STORE body fat…having the completely opposite effect we want it to)

Click below to listen our free teleseminar (originally recorded on 10/22/15) on the reasons why you may not be losing weight…even though you’re exercising and doing what you think is “right.”

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