Take this 10-Question Diet Quiz

Diet. Exercise. Holidays.  
Diet. Exercise. Stress at work. 
Diet. Exercise. Get sick.
Diet. Exercise. Vacation.
Diet. Exercise. Summer BBQs.
Year-in. Year-out. 
If this pattern feels familiar (and frustrating), take this 10-question quiz.
Then read my follow-up below.

***Answer the following questions honestly (nobody is looking!).
***The answer should simply be “Yes” or “No.”

  1. When I look at food, I often think, “Will this help me lose weight or make me gain weight?”
  2. I often focus on numbers or amounts (i.e. calories, grams, points, etc.)
  3. I usually need structure from a meal plans or a specific program in order to see results
  4. Willpower is often very difficult for me
  5. I often feel (or have in the past) figuring out what to eat is overwhelming and confusing
  6. I often feel like I’m restricted/confined by what I can and can’t eat
  7. Usually at some point of a new diet or program, old habits begin creeping back in
  8. I typically have used my weight as the determinant of whether the diet is working or not
  9. I find myself constantly looking for “what might be the next/more effective diet”
  10. I usually have an “all-or-nothing” mindset when it comes to eating and exercising

If you answered “YES” to at 3 or more of these, you fall in to a large category of women who have a “Dieter Mindset.”

Working with predominantly only women for the last 10 years, I continue to see the same pattern:

  1. Woman starts a new diet or exercise program hopeful and motivated and with the best intentions.
  2. At first she sees good results for a few weeks…or maybe even a few months; she feels great about herself and pretty motivated to keep going on her new plan.
  3. Real life happens. The holidays come, she gets sick, the kids’ schedule is mayhem, work is crazy…(insert real life situation here).
  4. Woman starts falling back in to her bad habits. Her workouts become less frequent. She’s binge-eating junk and sugar again. She’s irritable, exhausted and frustrated.
  5. After a few weeks, months, or even years, she hits rock bottom (again).
  6. She knows she has to do something to change. So she goes back to “that diet and exercise program” that she did at the beginning of this viscous cycle.
  7. Repeat 1 – 6. (over and over)

Seeing this pattern over and over and over again, I’ve discovered the core reasons why women find it so challenging to see long-term, lasting results.

Reason #1: Most women are stuck in the “Dieter Mindset” and they don’t even realize it. Case in point, if you answered “yes” to more than 3 of the questions above…you’ve likely fallen victim to this suffocating mindset. But…it’s not your fault and you CAN get out of it (tell you why in a moment).

Reason #2: As women, we have a tendency to try to figure it out on our own. Just like we do with the rest of our lives (am I right?!). This is why women keep going back to “the diet that worked before.” And they keep going back again and again despite the fact that it actually didn’t work…at least not for long.

Reason #3: Women, especially in the “Dieter Mindset,” tend to be “joiners.” One of our BP members had this revelation when she started our 8-Week Body Project. She realized that for the last 20+ years of her life she was always looking to “join” the next, best way to get results. She “joined” Jenny Craig, she “joined” Weight Watchers, she “joined” the low-carb craze or the low-fat trend…and the list goes on. She finally realized that she was so busy looking for the next thing to “join” that she never gave anything the ample chance to work or not work for her.

Here’s the good news…

You CAN get out of the Dieter Mindset!

BUT – there is a caveat – it does take work.

This is the exact reason why I created the 8-Week Body Project: TO HELP WOMEN GET OUT OF THE SUFFOCATING TRAP OF THE DIETER MINDSET.

Most programs give you the “how.” They give you a prescribed set of calories or grams, a very restrictive and confining meal plan to follow…so you see results short-term but fail long-term because these programs don’t allow your “real life to happen.” These programs NEVER integrate in to your real life. But it creates this mindset we have that we must restrict, cut, and feel confined in order for anything to work.

What women need – but can’t get unless they pay thousands of dollars for private coaches and high-end programs – is the complete opposite approach to get out of this dangerous Dieter Mindset.

  • We need to know why.
  • When we know why we should eat certain foods or why to follow a certain exercise program we’re far more likely to continue long-term.
  • We need to be given tools and DIFFERENT strategies to figure out what works in our own unique REAL life…something that fits our different schedules, goals, and be something that we actually enjoy doing.
  • We need support and accountability. Bottom line, STOP TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN…it hasn’t worked in the past. You must give yourself permission to be supported with proven resources and a network of people who can offer you strategies, tools, support and accountability to help you discover what is best for you and your unique lifestyle.
  • We need to realize the value of investing in ourselves. So many of us spend far more money, time and precious energy on programs, diets, pills, magic bullets trying to find that “one” thing that finally works…putting false hope in things that we know deep down are covering up the real changes that need to happen in our life. When we invest in ourselves, we’re also investing in those we care most about because we become that better version of ourselves that our family and friends want us to be.

If you’ve been stuck in this Dieter Mindset, feel like you’re in a pattern of insanity (you know…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results), I challenge you to have an honest conversation with yourself. What do you need to succeed? What are you going back to wishing and hoping that it will “finally” be different this time?

What does it hurt to try something different…of course it will feel uncomfortable, but meaningful change doesn’t happen without challenge and discomfort.

If you want a solution that feels completely different than what you’ve tried over and over again in the past – look at The 8-Week Body Project and all we have to offer. I’m so confident in this program and have seen how it has changed the lives of over 200 women in the last two years.

You are worth it. My team and I would love to have the opportunity to help you FINALLY get out of that Dieter Mindset and discover the best version of you!

Don’t hesitate to email or call if you feel like you just don’t know where to start…helping women start is what we do best.

Committed to your success,