Are you eating like a sumo wrestler?

February 26, 2017

I bet you thought that sumo-wrestlers eat and eat and eat all day long…and that is how they gain those pounds to show off those fabulous fighting “uniforms.” On the contrary…what they do is they eat very small, low-calorie meals throughout the day while they train and then they eat a huge meal with most…

If you love your crockpot…read this!

January 21, 2017

I love my crock pot. After all, my mother is from the south, so crock pot meals were just part of my childhood along with casseroles and apple sauce! But the only “thing” with crock pots is that while they make life easy in many ways…there’s still a lot of forethought, planning and prep work. showbox…

Grocery Store Tours

January 6, 2017

Tour the aisles of your grocery store with Lindsay! It’s a great experience!

Perfect Fall Salad (with shortcuts!)

November 20, 2016

Salads are great…until we get bored of doing the same salad, over and over again. epsxe for android free download Here is a wonderful Fall salad that was a hit at the end of our Holiday Day Away workshop during our food demo (while sipping festive champagne and pampering too…). I’ve also included a few…

Tuesday Morning Waffles (recipe + time-saving prep tip)

October 25, 2016

Waffles. A sacred Sunday morning family ritual here at the Vastola household. It’s one of those special rituals that you feel like something is missing when it doesn’t happen. It’s not all about the waffles (even though they are goooood); it’s mostly about the one morning a week that is extra special family time. texting…

Bake these brownies this weekend

August 29, 2016

If you could make brownies just a little bit healthier without altering the taste, would you do it?… …What if I told you that all you had to do was add just ONE ingredient to your batter, and it would make your brownies moist, gooey, and EVERYONE would demand the recipe? I bet you’d ask…

RECIPE: Protein Waffles

March 15, 2016

So, it’s Sunday morning and your family is asking for (or demanding) waffles. You don’t want to set yourself “off track” but you’re thinking, how can I make waffles a little bit healthier, without sacrificing taste? Answer: Protein powder! (and your kids won’t taste the difference!) The following recipe yields 3-4 large waffles. By adding protein powder, you…

11 Foods to Prep this Weekend

March 13, 2016

There’s often ONE reason why women don’t see results beyond the first few weeks of starting a new “diet” or when trying to “get back on track”: FAILING TO PREPARE! But here’s the thing…we often overthink preparation… I used to think that I needed to pre-make full-blown meals on the weekend. That would mean actually…

“BP Talks” Replay: Make sure these 5 additives are NOT in your food!

February 25, 2016

“Just when I feel like I was making a good choice, I find out that it’s really not good for me!” I hear this from women all too often…and it’s true! There is SO much information about what is “good” for you and what is “bad” for you that it is confusing, sixty searchfrustrating and…

Top 10 Snow Day Reads!

January 24, 2016

I thought I’d put together a quick list for you of 10 favorite posts that I think you’ll enjoy for some snow day reading! RECIPES 1. Top 10 Body Project Dinner Recipes (download the recipe ebook!) 2. 5 kid-friendly breakfast ideas (great for big kids too!) WORKOUTS 3. Get hot for Hercules…the snow day workout!…

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