June 1, 2017

STRESSED? TAKE OUR FREE “UNPLUG” CHALLENGE June 5th – June 30th OPEN TO ALL BP MONTHLY MEMBERS, FLEXFIT MEMBERS, & ANY WOMAN WHO NEEDS TO UNPLUG! (you don’t have to be a member of BP!) UNPLUG Challenge goal: Take a few minutes each day to “unplug” and create physical, mental and emotional benefits. The challenge details: 1.…

Burpees & Swimmers…Perfect Core Combo

March 13, 2017

Burpees and Swimmers are a great combo because they work complementary muscles. Here are two short videos with tips, progressions and options for these two fantastic core strengtheners and cardio conditioners! **Remember…proper form is paramount!** BURPEES! We do burpees…not for torture…but to help increase hip mobility and core work (primary) and also to elevate the…

10-Minute Daily Workout Challenge

March 7, 2017

For the last 5 weeks, our members have upped-the-ante and are taking on our 10-Week Challenge. Each week, they get a new daily workout challenge – there are some really great prizes at stake, and a fun, “friendly,” competitive spirit between teams led by our BP instructors! I thought I’d share this week’s challenge with…

3 dirty little lies…that you have been told while you were naked

March 4, 2017

Sorry to break it to you, but you have been played for a fool. By a scale. Yes, a stupid little machine that takes up space next to your toilet.

Are you eating like a sumo wrestler?

February 26, 2017

I bet you thought that sumo-wrestlers eat and eat and eat all day long…and that is how they gain those pounds to show off those fabulous fighting “uniforms.” On the contrary…what they do is they eat very small, low-calorie meals throughout the day while they train and then they eat a huge meal with most…

Pushing & Pulling

February 10, 2017

Proper form is imperative for these pushing (like push-ups) & pulling (like back rows) exercises. Thank you to our models Elizabeth and Michele and our camera lady Danielle! Snaptube apk download

I’m pregnant: I can’t believe she said that to me!

February 5, 2017

We’re getting ready to bring a baby girl in to this world basically at any moment now. We’re very excited…and of course there are still a billion things on my to-do list “before” she comes. Which is exactly the reason why my mantra the last 9 months has been, “Man plans, God laughs.” It will all…

Take this 10-Question Diet Quiz

January 26, 2017

Diet. Exercise. Holidays.   Diet. Exercise. Stress at work.  Diet. Exercise. Get sick. Diet. Exercise. Vacation. Diet. Exercise. Summer BBQs. Repeat.  Year-in. Year-out.  If this pattern feels familiar (and frustrating), take this 10-question quiz. Then read my follow-up below. ***Answer the following questions honestly (nobody is looking!). ***The answer should simply be “Yes” or “No.”…

THIS is what scares me the most…

January 3, 2017

Happy, Happy New Year to all of you! My annual New Year’s email is one of my favorite to write and send you. It’s a bit lengthy – so bare with me if you would; my hope is that it might inspire you to look at the New Year with a fresh perspective. iPhone 8…

Tuesday Morning Waffles (recipe + time-saving prep tip)

October 25, 2016

Waffles. A sacred Sunday morning family ritual here at the Vastola household. It’s one of those special rituals that you feel like something is missing when it doesn’t happen. It’s not all about the waffles (even though they are goooood); it’s mostly about the one morning a week that is extra special family time. texting…

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