The Self-Motivation Habit Most Women are Missing

February 18, 2019

Anyone struggle with self-motivation (in ANY part of your life)? This is important…if we’re not managing our energy…there’s no way we can manage anything the way we want to without something breaking down in the process (our health, waistline, sanity, peace of mind, relationships …). How many of you feel like you have the “pedal…


January 4, 2019

  I received SO many emails and messages in response to my 2019 Personal Promise email! Many women shared with me that even though they want to set a goal for 2019, they still feel STUCK and not really sure how they should go about setting a goal for this next year. The thing is……

Grocery Store Tours

January 6, 2017

Tour the aisles of your grocery store with Lindsay! It’s a great experience!

“BP Talks” Replay: Make sure these 5 additives are NOT in your food!

February 25, 2016

“Just when I feel like I was making a good choice, I find out that it’s really not good for me!” I hear this from women all too often…and it’s true! There is SO much information about what is “good” for you and what is “bad” for you that it is confusing, sixty searchfrustrating and…

BP TALKS REPLAY: Nutrition Teleseminar with Rachel Cuomo, BP’s Team Dietician

December 1, 2015

If you missed our teleseminar with Rachel Cuomo, our team dietitian, click below to listen to the replay. There’s nearly 60 minutes of non-stop nutrition information…a few things that might interest you: Rachel talks about something she often does with clients who have damaged metabolisms due to years of yo-yo dieting – it’s a technique…

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