Meet 2013 Fall 6-Week Transformation Winner Carol Moscarello!

Meet Carol Moscarello…one of our Fall 6-Week Transformation winners…a woman who is no longer just “neck-up pretty”…


Carol in March, 2013 before a race…this sparked her to start her own Body Project!
Carol - November, longer just "neck-up pretty!" Strong, fierce and amazing!
Carol – November, 2013…no longer just “neck-up pretty!” Strong, fierce and amazing!

Meet local girl Carol Moscarello, one of four sisters and two brothers, daughter of a deacon, Speech Language Specialist for Robbinsville schools, mother of three beautiful girls (Cate-11, Shay-8, Riley-5), proud wife of an esteemed police officer (and fantastic BBQ master) and a woman with the energy and spirit that lights up our studio…even at 4:59am!

Over the last 6 months or so, when she’s not working or shuffling her daughters to Irish Dancing rehearsal, Carol has

made it a priority to make the time to take care of herself.

But her journey to success has not been easy…nor has it been overnight. Her transformation has has been (and continues to be), like so many women understand, one of ups, downs, highs, lows, excitement and frustration…but for so long, a journey that was overshadowed by a mindset that never allowed her to truly discover the best version of herself.

Her transformation story is one of perseverance and staying the course until she finally could break away from a past that for so long dictated her self-worth…

I want to share with you two emails I received from Carol; one at the start of her journey with Body Project and one toward the end of our Fall 6-Week Transformation…I know so many of us can identify with Carol…and I hope that you are just as inspired as I have been by her…

In an email Carol sent to me 7/3/2013:
RE: Neck-up pretty

I believe the quote exactly was “you are the prettiest of your sisters…(pause)… from the neck up.” Ouch! Yikes! Talk about a punch to the gut.  My response to the first part was going to be “oh come on…” But then when attached to the second part I had nothing. Just shock. 

And there it was again. The awful realization that I in fact do not have a classically attractive figure. And right when I had pumped myself up to be proud of all my body can do. This pear-shaped body gave birth, naturally, to 3 kids. It nursed them each exclusively, was their only food source for 6 months and then continued to give those babies nutrition and comfort until 2 years old (neck up pretty). It completed 8 sprint distance triathlons. Swim, bike, run. 8 times. And not the last one across the finish line either mind you (neck-up pretty). Twenty-five 5k’s (neck-up pretty), 2 half marathons (neck-up pretty) I know I’m getting stronger, healthier blah blah blah. But to be honest I just want to look the part. I want to wear a single digit size. I haven’t even gone down a single size, size 12, that’s me! You add up all my sister’s sizes and they would even be an 8 (0, 2,6). All I can think of is “Why the eff have I not gone down a dress size yet?!? Ordered a 10 and its too effing small! Why the eff have I gotten my fat ass out of bed at 4:15 3 times a week for 3 months to STAY THE SAME FREAKING SIZE!” HELP! I’m upset and discouraged (and possibly misguided) about ready to give up..I was expecting to be a 10. To have someone say “are you loosing weight?” to feel like I look better.


Carol Moscarello


Carol’s call for help was one that I know so many women scream in their own mind…and wish they had an outlet. I immediately set-up a time to meet with her…she had hit bottom, and we couldn’t let her give-up.

Here’s the thing…for Carol, I really believe she had to hit this pit in her journey in order for her to come back stronger and even more determined. We talked about things like what she ate, how often she’s exercising, but most important, we talked about that “neck-up pretty” story that kept replaying in her head, every single time she was making progress. It was time to take control of her own thoughts and refuse to let one comment define her. She has too much at stake.

Fast-forward to October 22, just four short months after her “neck-up pretty” email…I received this email as I was walking down the frigid streets of Chicago on  my way to a conference…

RE: Hey!

First I hope you had a safe trip to Chicago and that the snow stays away!!!

Second I wanted to thank you for the comment/compliment you gave me this morning, it meant so much to me [I noticed that she looked leaner and her body was really starting to change].  So much has changed since my ranting email about “neck-up pretty” and I feel, and am starting to look, like a different person. I just wanted to thank you for your role in that. Inspiration, motivation, great tools and lining-up fabulous workouts have made the necessary click happen. The other night Pete [her husband] was joking around with the girls flexing his biceps and asking the girls if they wanted muscles like daddy. He didn’t realize I was behind him flexing.  All three girls yelled out “no, we want muscles like mommy!” That was an awesome feeling, and then for him to turn around and say “wow, yes girls you need muscles like mommy” was even better.

That story has taken the place of “neck-up pretty,” that’s what I play in my head now.

Thanks again!


(Oh and I bought size 10 and size 8 pants last week)

Carol with her 3 daughters, Riley, Cate and Shea...all who want "muscles like mommy!"
Carol with her 3 daughters, Riley, Cate and Shea…all who want “muscles like mommy!”


Seriously…I tear-up every time I read this.

Carol is a transformed woman. She is empowered by her ability to control her destiny and is no longer a victim of the negative thoughts that were holding her back from physical, spiritual and emotional progress.

Congratulations, Carol on your phenomenal Transformation…you may not realize it, but you have inspired so many…to start…those three beautiful daughters of yours. There is no better gift you can give them!

Join me in congratulating Carol and let’s all be inspired by her to continue our own transformations!

What a typical week for Carol’s fitness routine looks like:

2-3x/week: 5am HardBody @ Body Project
1x/week: 5am Strictly Strength @ Body Project
How she mixes it up to keep her body on its toes: Barre, Yoga, Spin, Running


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