6-Week Holiday Transformation & BP Grande Opening!

IT’S HERE! The 6-Week Holiday Transformation…in our NEW Boutique Fitness Studio!

You have so many parties, cookie-baking, and holiday feasts that you just give-up eating right all together.

I’ve cleverly crafted a nutrition program and meal plan that keeps you accountable for only 5 days of the week.
Why only 5 days and not 7?
You have 2 no-guilt “holiday” days for your PARTIES and HOLIDAY TREATS!
(When you sign-up you’ll learn more about how we can get away with this!)

You give up on the gym because you’re too busy and too tired.

Accountability. This Body Project 6-Week program will get you through the holidays and into the New Year (be honest, you’re not going to workout consistently on your own).
Get in…workout…get on with your holiday fun!

You feel guilty when you “cheat”…so you really can’t enjoy the holidays because you’re obsessing over all the “bad” things you’ve done.

When you start your day with a consistent workout program that is proven to kick butt and get results…you won’t feel guilty…I promise…it’s just living the Body Project lifestyle!

New Year’s Resolutions. Plain and simple.

Don’t waste another New Year’s Resolution on “I’m going to workout everyday” or “I’m going to lose X number of pounds.” Make a resolution that ACTUALLY means something like “spend more time with my children” or “have date night at least once a month with my husband/boyfriend.”

So what is the deal with Body Project’s 6-Week Transformation everyone is talking about?

Hear what women just like you are saying about Body Project:

I lost 14 1/2 lbs and 9 1/2 inches. I feel sooo motivated and I am sooo happy with my results. I worked so hard and I feel great and I am ready to keep going. I feel Body Project is totally worth it…that’s why I keep going back. It’s truly a great and rewarding experience and you won’t be sorry you did it. There’s no where to go but up!” – Jacqueline S.

”When I registered for Body Project, I was VERY excited, but VERY nervous that I could not handle it. I did not sleep the night before, but the support I have found from the trainers and the other women gave me the motivation to succeed. I really took the commandments to heart and made everything positive. I lost 10 inches and 3.1% body fat in a short 6 weeks and I truly found a new life. I feel like my life has been transformed and at the end of the 6 weeks, I believe my journey is just beginning not ending.”Jill P.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is an amazing gift!!! A true opportunity to continue my journey to my balanced healthy authentic self.  I am so happy my friend introduced me to Body Project and all of you! It’s been an amazing 6 weeks – a true testimony that our bodies are often stronger than we realize, we just need to be pushed out of our comfort zone to realize the potential that lies within all of us. And trust me – I was uncomfortable – just the word “burpee” can do it!”

“My experience at Body Project was like no other…I used to spend hours in the gym and never got results like this. I wasn’t just a gym membership but an actual person to the trainers. They give you the tools to be successful not only in the six weeks but for a lifetime. I’m still transforming but I feel so inspired by the women I’m surrounded by and so excited by this program that I cannot wait to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get there. This lifestyle that they have created has even inspired me to fulfill a dream that I had as a younger woman to work in the fitness industry. I want to pass this gift onto other women. It’s too good to keep to myself. I want everyone to feel this amazing.”

“Life changing for me…The combination of exercise training and nutrition are great. I have lost both inches and pounds, but have experienced results I didn’t think I could achieve being over 50. Even though it’s very hard and challenging, you are never made to feel inadequate. Everyone works and encourages each other which provides great results. Much better environment than a gym!”

“It was a very positive experience which surpassed my expectations!…The trainers are upbeat, knowledgeable, and encouraging. The workouts are challenging but varied so that it’s a new workout every time you attend. I also enjoyed meeting other women from my town who were very much like me. It was a chance to get fit and enjoy ourselves at the same time. You have absolutely nothing to lose (except for some fat!).”

“The greatest motivator was the rapid results…My energy level after the first week was so high that I was craving a workout every morning.”

“I have been going to Body Project for over two years and at 59 years old I’m in better shape now than when I was 35.”

“Committing to a lifelong health fitness is an ongoing process of making conscious decisions that affect yourself and those around you…I have certainly rubbed off and made a positive change on my family just from incorporating the snack and meal plan. I’ve added fruits and veggies on their meals – this is a MAJOR accomplishment! I’m very proud of myself for pushing my mental and physical boundaries beyond my expectations. I am COMMITTED! Thank you Lindsay and the BP team!!”


Just imagine what you will be saying about your results on January 18th!

What’s holding you back?


Pre-Registration Dates: Monday, November 26th – Wednesday, December 5th

Start Date: Monday, December 10th
End Date: Friday, January 18th



Foxmoor Center

1007 Washington Boulevard

Robbinsville, NJ 08691

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 Your Complete 6-Week Holiday Transformation Program:  

$572   Just $297!

(that’s just $7/day!)


Registration opens at 12am Monday, 11/26 with our Cyber Monday special! and get a $30 savings off your registration

(visit back at this webpage on Monday to register!)

Be sure you sign-up for our email list to get updated info!

Don’t wait to register…our signature 6-Week program fills-up out QUICK!


6am: FULL

8:30: NEW TIME!!

9:30: 1 SPOT OPEN

7pm: NEW TIME!!

Or call us to register or for more info if you have any questions at all – call and ask for Dana or Lindsay at 609-336-0108!

SO…Where will you be December 31st?

5-10 pounds heavier?

Setting another New Year’s Resolution to lose weight?

OR…slimmer and fitter than you are today (all while actually enjoying the holiday festivities)?

It’s up to you! And we’re here to help you make it happen!

See you on December 10th in our NEW boutique fitness studio…this is a one-of-a-kind fitness studio like you’ve never seen!

Looking forward to heading out of 2012 better version of ourselves and making it an extra Happy Holiday Season!

Committed to your success,

Lindsay & the BP Team

P.S. I believe in my program so much that I’m guaranteeing 100% of your money back if you aren’t completely satisfied with your Transformation!

P.S.S. This makes a great gift for your holiday wishlist (hint, hint…husbands and boyfriends!)

P.S.S.S. Check back here on Monday, 11/26 to register to reserve your spot and save!

Don’t forget to call us if you have any questions: 609-336-0108