BP TALKS REPLAY: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – With Jennifer Lormand, creator of the mommymovement System

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

A women’s health issue that too many women live with but don’t even realize that it is an *issue*… they don’t know who or what to ask…or are embarrassed to talk about…especially many women after children (yep…you know…when you laugh, sneeze, try to jump rope…)

It’s more than just doing kegels…SO. MUCH. MORE.

It’s a know how to train your core correctly thing…It’s a quality of life thing…It’s a take care of you thing.

– Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, jump, or laugh?
– Do you ever feel “poochy” in the lower abdomen, and notice that it progressively gets worse throughout the day?

– Do you ever experience bladder urgency, or urinate more than 10x/day?

These are signs & symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (and not just a sign of “getting old!”)


Jennifer Lormand, trainer, author, & mom of 3 boys
Jennifer Lormand, trainer, author, & mom of 3 boys

Jennifer Lormand, founder of Ascension Fitness in Metairie, Louisiana, mom of three boys, and has over 18 years as a fitness professional focused on moms and women’s health. Her passion is to educate women on how to stop incontinence, restore their pelvic floor, and love their post-natal body.  She understands the emotional and physical struggle of post- natal problems including diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse as she has experienced these health issues first-hand.

Click below to listen to Jennfier Lormand discuss pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse!