BP TALKS REPLAY: Joint pain, Arthritis & What to do About it! With Dr. Mike Wehrhahn


photo credit: NewHealthGuide
photo credit: NewHealthGuide



For over 2 months I was dealing with some hip pain that was beginning to impact the quality of everyday activities:
sitting, standing, sleeping, picking up my son
(ok…he turned 4 today so I probably need to be doing that less!)…and working out.

But…I confess…I wasn’t practicing what I almost always preach to our members:

There is NO reason to be in chronic pain…listen to your body…and get treated (before it gets worse)!

Then serendipitously, I met Dr. Mike Wehrhahn a few weeks ago.

Dr. Mike is a physical therapist who focuses primarily on helping people who want to move…well…move!

He recently relocated his physical therapy business to our area and actively sought out Body Project because of our methodology and approach of safe, progressive and individualized fitness not ordinarily found at typical gyms.

I happened to tell him my hip was bugging me and I set-up an appointment with him. One session…and my pain was virtually GONE. I have some exercises I need to do on my own to keep things in the right place and some more work to do…

…BUT MY PAIN IS GONE!¬† (and to think I was putting this off because I thought it would “get better on its own” and I was “too busy” to do something about it).

I see TOO MANY WOMEN put off taking care of nagging pain (often severe) and the pain literally begins to take over their lives; and even their psyche (saying things like “I’m just getting old”…).

Have questions for Dr. Mike? email him at: mike@nextlvl.com

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