Beach Body Blitz Workout

We were at Spring Lake, New Jersey this weekend – we took in the awesome weather and salty air and went for a run on the boardwalk. Then I had to get out the video camera and show you what we do when we workout at the beach. Sure…I always get some crazy looks, but I feel awesome when I’m done and that ocean water feels amazing on your muscles after a good workout!

Check out my 15-minute Beach Body Blitz workout. Just 5 exercises, no equipment necessary so it costs you nothing! (ok, a few burning muscles, a little sweat, some sand in your toes, and 100% effort to get that hot beach bod!)

Let me know what you do to keep up your workouts at the beach or while you’re on vacation. There are endless possibilities! Stay tuned…next week I’ll be posting my Hotel Room Body Blitz workout. No Excuses to keep your health in tip-top shape!

Excited for your success,

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