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In 2006, Lindsay Vastola made an abrupt decision to leave her corporate job in New York City as a division manager for an international communications firm. She was about to get married and realized that she didn’t like the way her future looked on its current course. She knew that if she didn’t leave her job then, the chains of living the life of a corporate manager would bind even tighter. She had lost her sense of self, work-life balance was non-existent and her physical and emotional health hit rock bottom as a result of the demanding corporate schedule and lifestyle.

With no job or concrete plan (for Lindsay’s Type-A personality, this was a pivotal challenge), and her wedding three months away, Lindsay knew there was no better time to focus on what she knew was her true calling: being a catalyst for success-driven women who simply needed the tools, structure, motivation and accountability to discover their best selves; body, mind and spirit.

As an avid gym-goer since her father took her to the gym at 11 years old, a student athletic trainer, and athlete, she was familiar with the “typical gym experience” and the “stereotypical gym trainer;” an image that didn’t appeal to her.

She was convinced that she could offer a more meaningful experience for women who craved real change…so she created a results-driven lifestyle program designed specifically for busy women looking for an answer to the frustrations of yo-yo dieting, weight loss plateaus, the lack of work-life balance and a lack of purpose so many women struggle with.

“When I made the decision to finally pursue a career as a fitness and lifestyle professional, I knew that it would not be part-time,” says Lindsay. “In my mind, it was all or nothing. Leaving a guaranteed paycheck opened the door for me to satisfy my inner-entrepreneur and my deep desire to empower other success-driven women to create a lifestyle that offers the tools they need to discover their best selves.”

So with $624 in a savings account she opened back in high school, Vastola bought a few sets of dumbbells and a stability ball, filled her VW Jetta with gas — ready to travel to clients’ homes as their new personal trainer.

And so, in 2007, Body Project Fitness & Lifestyle was born.

Body Project is now more than Lindsay ever imagined it would be: a place that is truly for women and by women; an incredible community of women with a relentless vision to empower all women, to inspire our next generation through BP’s “Young Women’s Empowerment Program,” and transform our community to a healthier, more vibrant place to live…one woman, one family at a time.

Lindsay is also the editor for the fitness industry trade publication Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) Magazine and speaks and consults locally and nationally for companies and various organizations on topics ranging from corporate wellness, work-life balance, stress management, changing lifestyle habits, leading a productive and fulfilling life, and fitness and meal design for the busy working professional.

View her speaker one-sheet here

Lindsay was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Maui, Hawaii, lived in Japan (she’s been known to count in Japanese during workouts) and was fatefully connected with her husband, Emilio when she was a rugby player while in college at American University in Washington, DC. Lindsay and Emilio now live in beautiful Robbinsville, New Jersey with their son, EJ (6) and daughter, Lidia (1) and their “first-born” daughter – their Lab-Eskimo pup, LuLu.


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