“BP Talks” Replay: Make sure these 5 additives are NOT in your food!

“Just when I feel like I was making a good choice, I find out that it’s really not good for me!”

I hear this from women all too often…and it’s true! There is SO much information about what is “good” for you and what is “bad” for you that it is confusing, frustrating and I see a lot of women throw their hands up on their efforts of eating healthy because of sheer overwhelm.

While there are many ingredients and additives in many of our foods we don’t even realize could be dangerous to our health, tonight I’m going to discuss FIVE big ones that will make a big difference.

And you may be surprised that many of them are probably in some of the “healthy” foods you’re eating.

In this informative teleseminar we discuss these 5 ingredients, the foods they are found in, along with healthier alternatives:

1. Carrageenan
2. Soy Lecithin
3. Aspartame/acesulfame potassium
4. Whey-based protein
5. Maltodextrin

Click play to listen!

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