BP’s 4th Annual 35-Day ANTI-New Year’s Resolution Solution


You have so many parties, cookie-baking, and holiday feasts you just give-up eating right all together.

We’ve cleverly crafted a nutrition program and meal plan that keeps you accountable for only 5 days of the week.
Why only 5 days and not 7?
You have 2 no-guilt days to really enjoy your PARTIES and HOLIDAY TREATS!
(When you sign-up you’ll learn more about how we can get away with this!)

We’ve done this program for 3 years…and each year our members consistently stay on track during the holidays…many actually losing weight and inches!

You give up on the gym because you’re too busy and too tired.

Accountability. Our team at Body Project will help get you through Thanksgiving to New Year’s (because be honest, you’re not going to workout consistently on your own).
Get in, workout, get on with your holiday fun!

You keep all your frustrations to yourself (which leads to the release of dangerous stress hormones, a culprit of fat-loss and emotional eating!)

It’s proven that when you have a friend doing a program with you, you will have more success than if you do it on your own.
You’ll have an accountability partner for the 35-days (a friend or fellow BP’er) for motivation and to keep each other’s “spirit’s” up!

You feel guilty when you “cheat”…so you really can’t enjoy the holidays because you’re obsessing over all the “bad” things you’ve done.

When you start your day with a consistent exercise program that is proven to kick butt…you won’t feel guilty…it’s living the Body Project lifestyle!

New Year’s Resolutions. Plain and simple.

Don’t waste another New Year’s Resolution on “I’m going to workout everyday” or “I’m going to lose X number of pounds.” Make a resolution that ACTUALLY means something like “spend more time with my children” or “have date night at least once a month with my husband/boyfriend.”

So here are the nitty-gritty details:

Start Date: Monday, December 2nd
End Date: Sunday, January 5th

With the 35-Day Anti-New Year’s Resolution Solution program you’ll get:

• 5 Weeks of unlimited classes (check out our current schedule here – new Winter schedule to be posted soon!) – we have over 30 different classes from high-intensity to barre to yoga to fit your goals and schedule!) ($279 value)
• Holiday nutrition program (I’m going to share lots of healthy holiday fave recipes) ($99 value)
• Access to the exclusive Body Project members site, MyBodyProject
• Access to all the Body Project FitPros for support and questions

• Before and after measurement and body composition tracking

Your total program investment for unlimited classes, full meal plan, before and after measurements, and the peace of mind that you will NOT gain the average holiday 8-12 pounds:

$378 $199

(all-inclusive 5-week unlimited program to set you up for success!)

This makes a great gift (hint, hint…husbands and boyfriends!) 😉

HardBody Members – no need to register or do anything other than what you already do…show up! This full program is included in your HardBody membership!

Here’s how to register…

Just call our studio at 609.336.0108 and speak with me or Dana or be one of the first to click here to register safely online and let us know that you want in on the 35-Day Anti-New Year’s Resolution Solution and we’ll get you all dialed in and ready for the 5th!

*Note: We are only accepting a limited number of registrations for this program to ensure that we give each member as much accountability and attention as possible, so don’t wait!

I hope you join my “Anti-New Year’s Resolution” Cause!

I already feel liberated knowing I can focus on a really, really important resolution (I’ll get back to you on what it is…I’m still deciding!)

It’s up to you! But I know this is going to be a fantastic 35 days!

Looking forward to heading out of 2013 with a bang! Happy Holidays!

Lindsay & Your Body Project Team

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