3 things you should start doing today to keep you from gaining weight this Thanksgiving

Just a few days and counting! Here are three tips I want you to start today. Preparing your body for the big meal will help you enjoy Thanksgiving and all its goodness without overeating.

1. Water, water, water.

Aim for 80oz of water each day (Thanksgiving included).
If you’ll be drinking alcohol on Thanksgiving, have one glass of water for every glass of alcohol.

2. Start kicking up your metabolism into overdrive.
Be sure you’re eating your 5-6 small meals, loading up on fibrous foods, veggies, fruits, and lean proteins.

Here is a sample meal schedule:
7am – Breakfast, around 400 calories
10am – Snack, around 150 calories
12:30pm – Lunch, around 400 calories
3:30pm – Snack, around 150 calories
7pm – Dinner, around 400 calories

Here is my favorite fall recipe…high-protein pumpkin pancakes even your kids will love!

3. Exercise.
I know you’re busy. But aim to get in some sort of activity to get your heart pumping and metabolism roaring. Start burning those extra calories with my Daily*10 Holiday Challenge. If you do my 10-minute intense workouts each day it will make a huge difference!


Eat a satisfying breakfast – this will keep you from overeating and kickstart your metabolism first thing in the morning.
Water, water, water.
Avoid “grazing” – the calories add up. Pick up an appetizer plate and “munch deliberately.”
Have a handful of almonds about 30 minutes before the big meal. Studies have shown that almonds trigger the satiety part of your brain, keeping you from overeating.
Get a little of everything.
Eat slowly…savor every single bite.
Wait at least 15 minutes before getting up for seconds.
Wait to get your dessert…you’ll enjoy it more and will give your body time to work on the big meal.
ENJOY the holiday without guilt. The key is that you will get back on track.

If you’re still nervous about holiday weight gain, you should think about joining our 4th Annual 35-Day Anti-New Year’s Resolution Solution Boot Camp program that starts this Monday, December 2nd through January 5th.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lindsay & the BP Team

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