19 days to a new body!

I was so excited after Boot Camp yesterday (though I’m always pumped after our workouts!)…one of our newest Boot Campers saw some AMAZING results and I couldn’t wait to share with you, I’m so proud of her (and she’s really just started!):

· 9.25 inches lost (5 just in her waist!!)
· 6 pounds of fat blasted (not to mention the lean muscle she’s accomplished!)
· Down a full pant size (she even told me she finally got rid of her “fat clothes”)
· 100% confidence boost
· Completed her first set of solid, strong push-ups (the real ones…not the girl ones)

Diane transformed her mind, her body, and her lifestyle. She started Boot Camp hopeful, but still putting everything and everyone (i.e. kids, etc.) before herself. Now she’s realized the importance of taking care of herself as a priority…and she’s a better mom, better wife, better woman because of it!

Here it from Diane:

THANK YOU, Lindsay! You rock!! I signed up for your Boot Camp because I really needed to get in shape after breaking my foot and being sedentary for close to a year. I also hadn’t exercised in close to 7 years before boot camp. After only 3 1/2 weeks of your camp (3 days/week) I have not only dropped 6 pounds, an amazing amount of inches but also a full pant size. You have a fantastic, energetic, friendly, supportive program. I feel healthier than I have in years. I look forward to the next 4 weeks and more lost inches.

Thanks again,
Diane W.

After receiving her email, I asked her: What changes did you make to your eating habits over the last few weeks?
I don’t really diet. I don’t have the willpower for that. I’m actually eating more since I started boot camp. I cut out red meat and cheese, best veterinary stethoscope eat lots of fish, chicken, salad, and lots of fruit. I snack on fruit ALL day and now have breakfast every morning. Having grilled salmon tonight with Caesar salad. 😉

SOOOO…are you still putting yourself on the back burner? What have you done about it that has actually worked?

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