15-minute Summer Sizzle! Resistance Band (RB)Workout

You can perform this resistance band and body weight workout several ways, depending on time and available space – perfect for your summer vacation! Remember, doing something is better than doing nothing!

Incorporate cardio intervals to increase your heart rate levels and boost your metabolism…get creative…there are no “workout rules” – just move!

Enjoy your workouts, focus on your goals, and contact Body Project if we can help empower you to reach your maximum potential!

Your friend in health and success,

Perform all exercises in the order below for 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions with 2-minute cardio intervals.

Always warm-up and cool down with light stretching before and after your workouts.


· Jumping jacks · Jump rope · Jog in place · Stairs · Cardio machines

**2 minutes CARDIO**

(No RB necessary) Start to bend your knees, and “sit” as though you are trying to reach a chair back behind you just out of reach. If you look down at your feet, you should still be able to see the tops of your toes. Keep your knees aligned over your toes (not caving inward) and keeping your weight more on your heels will help keep the strain off your knees. Return to the standing position and repeat.

(No RB necessary) Step your right foot back, 3-4 feet. You should be balanced on your back toes and your front knee should be directly over your ankle, never further forward. Slowly lower the back knee toward the floor and return to a standing position. Repeat on this side until one set is complete and then repeat on the other leg.

**2 minutes CARDIO**

Stand with resistance band at waist height. Always keep back flat and head up. Pull elbows back, pulling shoulder blades down and back. Squeeze shoulder blades together and return to start point.

Place the RB around a post about shoulder-height. Face away from the post and hold the RB handles in front of your shoulders. Your starting point is with your elbows at a 90 degree angle in line with your shoulders. Press the handles forward and in, squeezing your chest muscles. Return to the starting position and repeat.

**2 minutes CARDIO**

Stand on the mid-section of the RB and hold the handles with your palms facing away from your body down by your thighs. Squeeze your biceps and pull the RB to your shoulders. Return slowly to the starting position and repeat. Note: Do not swing your back to pull the RB, if you need less resistance, only step on the band with one foot, if you need more resistance, step on the band with two feet and open your stance to the desired resistance.

*You can perform this exercise on your knees to stabilize the band. If you cannot do it on your knees, step on the band with one foot and do one arm at a time, as it may be too much resistance to do both arms simultaneously.

Hold the handles, palms facing away from your body, with your shoulders and elbows at a 90-degree angle. This is your starting point. Push up and in, slightly in front of your face, pushing until your elbows are straight. Return to the start position and repeat. Do not come below the 90-degree angle.

**2 minutes CARDIO** / COOLDOWN

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