Sharing News About Body Project (the studio)

A final toast from the Body Project STUDIO…

Just over 12 years ago, I realized I needed to leave my New York City corporate management job despite the great pay, world travel, and fast track to advancement.

There was a moment when I knew I wanted to do more. 

A few months later, in our spare bedroom and $634 from a high school savings account, I had the idea to create a company called Body Project. My vision was to help women achieve what they believed was impossible and help them step into the best version of themselves.

I started by doing at-home personal training; traveling to my clients’ homes in my Volkswagen Jetta, toting whatever equipment I could carry, and binders filled with programs and plans.

And then there was a moment when I realized Body Project had a chance to do more.

1:1 at-home training limited the number of women I could reach, and I decided it was time to evolve. So, I created the Body Project Fitness Boot Camp. That first summer, we were kicked-off the weed-covered field where a group of determined women would show-up before daybreak to workout. I then partnered with Robbinsville Township and “upgraded” our workout space to sunflower seed-covered batting cages and a playground. Within two years, Body Project Boot Camp expanded to two more locations in Bordentown and West Windsor, New Jersey.

We had 6-Week Transformations and other fun memories and events but what was most special, was that we were creating a community of women all with the same goal…to achieve what seemed impossible and to step into the best version of themselves.

Once again, I had that moment when I realized Body Project had a chance to do more.

The next evolution moved Body Project to its current home in Foxmoor Center, Robbinsville, NJ. A beautiful, welcoming space where women could not only exercise in fun and different ways, but attend seminars, listen to expert speakers, attend fun parties and fundraisers, and best of all, connect with and be a part of a community of supportive women.

I’ve again had that moment when I realized it’s time for Body Project to do more. 

From basements and living room floors, to dirty batting cages, to the walls of our beautiful studio, it’s time for Body Project to evolve again in order to continue to fulfill the vision I set out to achieve when I started.

I now have the opportunity to take Body Project to the next level of my vision that has the potential to create great impact and empower many more women, families, and communities.

So what’s next for Body Project?

In order to give me the space and energy I need to make this important vision a reality, it means making the very difficult decision of closing the doors of our Body Project studio in Robbinsville.

Please understand that Body Project is not “going away.” Body Project will go on…just without the studio (as my son said it best!).

I will be focused on offering the Body Project programs and education I’ve developed over the last 12 years to make it more accessible in more locations, as well as offer more virtual programs, special events, workshops and retreats, and lead 1:1 and group coaching programs. And I’ll be (finally) releasing my book to share a story I believe so many women need to hear.

Thank you…

For each woman that has walked through our doors or has been a part of the many programs and events we’ve had in the last 12 years; for all of you who read read my emails whether we’ve met in person or not; for each member of my Body Project team who has cared about this vision as much as I have; for each life moment we’ve celebrated together; for each sadness and tragedy we’ve supported each other through; for each meaningful cause or charity we’ve supported together…for all of this I am so grateful and feel a tremendous obligation to pay forward the gifts the Body Project family has given me.

Not the end…

This is not an end, rather a necessary part of an evolution in order to pursue greater opportunity to make the difference I believe I am called to make alongside this incredible community of women. I hope that you will always consider yourself part of the Body Project family. The doors may be closing, but what makes Body Project special is what no physical space can ever hold…and the future holds so much!

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Always committed to your success and grateful for each of you,
Lindsay Vastola
Founder, Body Project